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6 самоделок на основе энергосберегающей лампы.  See details »

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  • 00:00: in this video I will show a few homemade which you can do using time color lamp if you remove this one the case here will go from bulb 4 output and inside is such a board converter here I sold took another one here for 30 wat was a fee but she out of order I took about a watt on fifteen to twenty fee and maybe 25 watts here
  • 00:30: there are two transistors and this one the fee is just what i need from it do some homemade stuff on these boards have two outputs either permissible on the front of the board either on the sides here two outputs and here two go too output one of these conclusions here one the conclusion goes and here, too, one conclusion they all go to the capacitor these two
  • 01:00: years I need to connect with another conclusions shorter close these two the output here are the two outputs and the output convention and pull two wires along these two wires will go in and h voltage high voltage so the technique security and now the 1 girl herself is the girl herself to some conclusions I connected the multiplier
  • 01:30: limiting current incandescent lamp and now I fall power power should be served briefly otherwise if the parts are long out of order then a board 2 homemade is just use the same two outputs for
  • 02:03: igniting other lumens of cent lamps here what are they for and where is the power of two output just plugged into these two pins and already without current limiting paws when powering the lamp lights or set fire here such flasks can and other lumen colored lamps are still will burn brightly and quite strongly also this board can be used as
  • 02:38: long-wave radio jammer here at the output of about 60 70 kilohertz If you connect two antennas, it will be transmitter harmonics which you can catch on long wave receiver boshnyak will also be on short waves
  • 03:09: [music] make sure the fluctuations can be put Here such a probe on two diodes if LED light will show what is here At the exit on the antenna there is generally voltage for the next homemade need vypayat
  • 03:41: this one's a choke in his two conclusions and there remains a small gap and this one on this coil of this chokes here this small gap you need to wind how many wires which is suitable in diameter heated the core pulled them out and wound gently about here 12 turns of wire on top coils chokes soldered back this
  • 04:13: two output transformer 12 windings 12 turns of the rim and the output I he stood a 36 volt 10 watt LED polarity without has no values and now check LED shines very brightly to him
  • 04:44: heat sink is required he is heated here probably he needs limiting resistor only I did not become the corresponding power you can do it in general use as a power supply let's say as a driver for the LED here This is the fee these two conclusions are also mys same these two conclusions are shorted
  • 05:14: United in Minsk barely issued together connected and can now set fire to the LEDs once soldered this board on radio components and try something out of these parts make 1 homemade this amplifier is low frequencies on one transistor do this according to the current base scheme because i don't have a resistor here
  • 05:47: only limiting suitable cruelly 120 he 100 m then another 120 ohm in series and two more diodes i I will connect in series to limit the stress even now falling sound power 37 volts [applause] and she is also homemade from parts
  • 06:17: this is a high voltage converter a little high voltage which is capable light it on the lamp while powering 37 only collected it according to this scheme choke ready factory and on top of it I wound 10 and 10 turns all the rest resistor I also collected its two diodes and there I already have
  • 06:51: left two resistors posts and capacitor here 47 nanofarad now I fall food neon light shines the transistor will be a little bask here turned out such a neon
  • 07:23: torch