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  • 00:00: hello my name is lera here I actually went on vacation and came across one such wonderful thing even actually decided to postpone dirty lady that I embroidered with coins but I will finish it I was distracted actually here on such a cell then it is gradual to see so I want what you actually easy surfing a certain point in time to catch it up to knit here I really liked There is more than one video on the Internet
  • 00:31: knit such flowers but most of all I liked not even forget language german austrian well actually here is some such I liked it but not only color is such a gamma I liked the combination more principles test run but leaves no holes in the church florets of data under tightens like this there is a video in Russian there the girl is all accessible and understandable tells I decided to actually connect this 2 video I get
  • 01:02: crochet principle from german it turns out the translation and the number of loops and everything else is probably from Russian so I'm a little bit such a national team a hodgepodge of them proper data in work there is a child acrylic because we actually plan on baby blanket make better choose bulk is acrylic which springs them still a little easier to knit here here what is actually how much
  • 01:32: the crab here and used a hook not three with a half and 3 millimeters from which diameter and again it is exactly connected so that I do not particularly so in springy children's acrylic here but let's take it in order let's start quietly do the core I have all the little flowers I have white here so we take white yarn and make the initial loop do the floor
  • 02:06: Here is such a cross thread we capture a thread, I still love so here in the center here and hold grab the left report thread her trunk so here and brought immediately this one which we have better under tighten
  • 02:37: immediately take a little bit now crochet hooks you in fashion and knit these two loops it turns out 1 once again inside we catch conclusion 2 Here on this principle, we need to walk
  • 03:12: up to 12 3 4 because there is 7 eight 9 ten
  • 03:42: 11 and here 12 is actually white to us more I do not need her so I immediately cut off to it does not interfere with anything, and did the same again what am i doing maybe of course wrong as the core will be tighten yarn compressed under guru not enough he is not they are not spring yarn
  • 04:13: she tightened tight then here's a walk his all here these tass forces nod loops me too I want so I take him closer here we are should his first loop just purge looking so here again
  • 04:44: here she is the first and own under tighten on the hook he would be in terms of it is wrong for it was convenient for me than trying to this hook tightened yarn and here we have it here and so and pull out here it's in short of course he is not yet fully in his heart to my heart I'll pull up the flowers at the end
  • 05:16: here and then we take the yarn property we will do our flower 2 zeppelin output and output through the loop also here is a tail that weaved trouble did not knit here we have it here too we translate later in the process
  • 05:49: tying will be along with the blue here this tail they will tie here they will not be seen and begin to count 1238 difficulty we should have 4 1 2 3 4 here we do nakid and go at the base where we actually led this thread output and output and need 100 of us so
  • 06:24: belly length what kind of column did we have then us it was all nice and neat 2 3 Here we have in this 3 or take wrap up and carry with the next one
  • 06:59: 23 here it is our petal now we are capturing and through all our nakida and loop here and so the contract connect and doing 12 3 here's how we had it at the beginning and will close our first petal and
  • 07:31: of my this is where the last three led about to the end of this little flower and its we drop captures and through the eyelet from countries we derive now neighboring Similarly , capture through a loop with on the wrong side we derive it from such a principle is done for all the petals
  • 08:03: Now I will do one more and show actually how it will cling to our captivity 123 nakid again at the base print 1 2 screen
  • 08:37: Where Who 3 Here in principle, if so here so wall here their already becoming visible through what nipples we will pass following here I connect we derive and take now our plaid blanket we we put on the wrong side
  • 09:09: here cupid generally fit all these here all from the wrong side here we are we will attach it to such a blue one blue and fasten it here we see here our loops nick external here to this side a to inner loop not . we are through this loop
  • 09:42: here we should get 2 and now 2 connecting them here and then we do what same thing as we shut down 1 petal 123 and exactly the same here is the end of our leaf in the same eyelet hooked from the back through the loop out
  • 10:12: further we knit a whole flower Now I quickly knit here actually we will have the end of 2 col. here we are actually the end we
  • 10:51: we will photo 5 heart nti is still visible that here we have such a hole here take the little ones here that tighten us a strip from the side and also here we are pulling straight all the core of us lost tail with the help hook help and cross it out on
  • 11:24: the back side here is the remaining strings the author can actually be this rug of this video how to search all i am in looked offers the rest to tie among themselves I tied their tails here the only thing that ran it the column is actually not very hard here you can handle everything and ordinary newcomer very quickly learn
  • 11:54: All this to do is the only thing of course this work is a bit megaton and dreary and because while all these You will make the flowers but it turns out very interesting such as i'm talking flower meadow if you like we put likes it was helpful i am very happy so all creative success so far