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  • 00:06: Good day friends in their past video about uzlovyaz comrades we looked at the video and immediately several people asked me to and make them the same unit climbed but known laziness the engine of progress I did not want do the manufacture of such
  • 00:30: same uzlovyazom are still to fool and I simplified scheme this uzlovyazy manufacture of tie and part I show that I invented as a result here podnimatel loops they are sold haberdashery stores they cost less than half a pack cheaper cigarettes I I took some of raise or 5 I decided to make them from unit weight for this I
  • 01:00: It needed to find well Now as a result of storm came here Here are three ready uzlovyaza I took for its production firstly why uzlovyazy hidden in well casing of course not to break in at transportation here you will have revenue it by no means sognesh not broken and you know yourself It turned out raise or loops and put on it pieces of rods pens better
  • 01:31: Of course it would be well, have probably not to do fall in the eyes of their friends have make I took the tube here metal tube is trained a needle for needle injections to collecting blood from a vein but as I looked not even enough tormented with metal tube enough just take a piece rod from ball handle it here and now
  • 02:02: show how this business works It turned out not worse what's this Forest demonstrate on fingers do not hurry We will do it It is not to hurry could easily sort out look to see how it It is going to pile up together and braid Spreads on the line finger lift
  • 02:32: conducting tube under twine and braid We make 45 revolutions and 34 raise or loops we catch our line and twine and braid We continue to tighten them into a tube stretched It held out the case and take a right here and
  • 03:01: braided Iliescu and finger We take out all the tube tube removed wetted and sucked all the assembly wherein the assembly is ready already very reliable He looked checked very easy really It passes through the ring These strings can be cut as much do little for apiaries that if could pull but basically you easily seen and quickly and this is
  • 03:32: Alexey Pavlovich in ale is not a present we have such rabochka stamped and 3 atreyu ready but I think that Now home company I certainly will bring blacklists because I have them dorogushchy uzlovyaz here and so low pardon the expression literally dropped a pack of cigarettes and you 0
  • 04:01: ready to for Attention