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  • 00:00: Hello ! I Aleksey Lukyanov and the video I'll show you a set of exercises for weight loss at home. 7 years ago I weighed 94 kg and looked something like this. At the moment, I'm in shape. Now I'll show you a set of exercises for fat loss home, which helps me to keep in shape. It will take you no more than 20 minutes a day and you can do it anywhere, where there are 2 free
  • 00:32: m. Thus, the complex consists of the following 6 exercises. Next, I will demonstrate how to do each exercise. These exercises solve two important tasks 1. They work on fat burning 2. Maintain your muscle tone. So, making the complex every day you will gradually lose weight. The complex consists of two repetitions of the exercise according to the following scheme.
  • 01:06: The first exercise is the squat. You make them exactly 1 minute. That is, put your feet shoulder width apart. And you begin to squat. You pull your hands forward and hips to have been parallel to the floor. That is -vstali sat, sat - stood. And so exactly 1 minute. Accordingly, when you squat you inhale and exhale return back.
  • 01:36: Ie squat exactly 1 minute. Next 1 minute you do push-ups. So, I do not know your level of training. First, I talk about how to aspire to. Your hands are shoulder width apart. The legs are connected together. Body straight, that is neither here so that's not the case. And just try to keep it up.
  • 02:08: And squeeze you touching the floor feeding. So you do 1 minute. But most of all your preparation for it may not be enough. So at the beginning you can alleviate the load itself and to do so with his knees. It's a lot easier.
  • 02:41: Or do full pushups but in half. Not to the floor, but to the point. Or here to this. That is, you define for themselves the current level. The main thing that you could somehow push-ups exactly 1 minute. That's how much you enough for the level you are doing. Over time, you'll receive all the better. And you'll be taken to the standard push-ups to the floor.
  • 03:13: Accordingly, further - you have 1 minute squat 1 minute of push-ups. Next, 1 minute rest. That is, you get up and relax. After a moment's relaxation you are 3 exercises. It alternately stand on legs with stretch body forward. That is, you stand with feet together - pull hand
  • 03:43: forward. And raises the leg. Trying to get to the position that it was parallel to the - and the body and the leg. Take the wall. It's easy to lose your balance and you may be filled up, fall. So you have to hold on for that. Made by 1 foot, then the other. So do 1 minute, and then you begin
  • 04:16: jumping feet apart - hands up. This posture soldier. You jump up and legs apart, hands up. And so another 1 hour ago. Accordingly Stage 2 you is alternately stand on his feet 1 minute and jumping feet apart - hands up
  • 04:51: 1 minute. And then 1 minute rest. And Phase 3 - it may seem easier in principle. 1 minute you make a bar. Stand on the forearm, on the toes. Body straight, arms shoulder-width apart. And 1 minute so you're standing. 1 minute stood, go to full body, pull the arms to the side, rises
  • 05:25: legs, body and arms and so 1 minute hold. Then again 1 minute rest. And in the second round - squats, push-ups, 1 minute rest. Then alternately stand on their feet, jumping feet apart
  • 05:56: - hands up. And then strap on the forearms. And the strap on her stomach. So to make it all clear, here is a complete scheme of all complex just 17 minutes - 12 of them to perform fat burning exercises and 5 minutes of rest between them. Also consider these important points for better results. Our body gets used to the stress and the effect of
  • 06:27: the same exercise in a couple of weeks to fall an order of magnitude. Therefore, effective workout to burn fat is the alternation different exercises, the speed of their execution, loads and the execution time. So each time add something new to this complex and your progress in the burning of fat will be stable.