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  • 00:00: greet dear friends on my channel with you channel knitting and i faith bar today a small video review my new job is a sweatshirt with hood and pocket kangaroo I tied her father new Olga Kondratyeva anyone interested can find on the internet and see sweatshirt knitted from yarn potatoes
  • 00:32: here's an alpaca floor here acrylic content wool color here with us today overcast on the street is very reflective it you look at this sweatshirt it took me exactly 500 grams left here
  • 01:06: so Littel unlearn everyone what I want to say girls I knitted according to the stories Kondratieva have poured and that is she does not showed dad a topic how to knit if there removing the decrease she just told me same video showed you how i am started to knit a hood that is here just knitting one who knows how to knit learns that the number of loops is typed
  • 01:38: distributed to raglans and lines and this all the fabric fit then here I have related asian sprout from backs there I did not knit a sprout at the beginning a tied him at the end that is you here here side backs i'm three to four rows added for Asian times to adding loops and when I sprout was back on the back I tied him just
  • 02:09: connected front and back together and here already fled from someone and the undercuts themselves I do not I have here the germ of which asian solution adding drink and he I had undercuts as you see this of . baby what when I knitted the hood itself, here it is on the edge of the knit phrase hollow rubber band gum 4 loops 1 front 1 purl 1 front 1 purl and process
  • 02:40: tying up this hollow gum there is a cavity inside there then I I knitted a lace and in this cavity I did this lace in a circle so this turned out here angie goes smell too elm on the floor and rubber but if to someone something else will be incomprehensible you can Refer video olga kondratyeva maybe she you this is her story will you be more accessible from that girls I showed you here in this video
  • 03:15: in short passages how I knit hood how to tie a kangaroo pocket me there is another video where I knit my hands collar tube saver war and on will see on the rollers but I still leave you a reference here when I knitted this one pocket then I shot the video and filmed the video as in the hall and here is the beginning this neck this pipe especially this one here is the part with
  • 03:47: turn and insert the lace for the product in general, it turned out that how to lick the hood you can see in this video how the pocket fit kangaroo you can see a friend video so with a breeze Basically nothing complicated here No one knows how to knit, I hope everything it will understand no difficulties it is important to be a little bit
  • 04:17: more attentively in certain parts of andi knit arman and then be careful how his first one part to tie then the inner part of the tie here is not no fatty lions arm fit Lord sous chef norman fit immediately there are no seams here nothing sewn alive here only
  • 04:47: Reputation is a little bit more centimeters where it will be necessary to connect pocket to not have a feed hole dialed from the canvas inside here see nothing here as you see too nothing is visible then two canvases get together on one spitz fit rezinochka in general, dear girls, I promised show you how to knit a hoodie with hood on the league description kondratieva
  • 05:18: and it turned out that I connected two products and to whom I say it again interesting means collar hunger collar and hood you can watch two different commercials and also how to knit a pocket look in Other Pipes conduct so here is my dear all enjoy watching and I hope that you too will turn out the same wonderful works such specific
  • 05:48: You can knit not only for babies but also for adults you dial more knit loops on your neck size you get adult size choose fewer loops then you will have a children's size and In principle, everything is all right in my circle without any extras Aranov wasps and the like that expensive my hope that the video will be available to you if something is not clear write ask ask questions not
  • 06:19: hesitate i always answer you all your comments and so enjoyable viewing is not ready then parts of the product or I need to close the products to the club this doing here is such an overlap that is, I typed my products on extra thread divided and sleeve length in front and back already tied raglan immediately obligated
  • 06:53: whom added raglan loops I linked a height of about 8 centimeters and now I need to close my product in a circle, I additionally set of loops took into account the number loops for this smell here and because what's on top you will get along hood so loops are calculated this way if for a common set of
  • 07:28: circle don't need forty five loops 4 loops still added for rigg by 45 plus 4 and plus eight loops yet additionally it is here that smell then add 16 more of them 6 loops for the business and 2 edge loops are 49 magnificently
  • 08:01: 65 all five loops on my general circular knitting Now 5 if I share it so here I have Forty-five cases of loops divide by 3 it turns out 15 and we also divide by 2 it turns out 7 I shared kopecks so here on 7 loops sleeves 8 loops it took me 8 loops with one
  • 08:31: right side left side this the smell plus eight loops is us in front here in front of us goes and the rest of the loop went back up 14 loops on someone 16 ahead and 15 on back and now already knit height or the length of this one product and now i need to make a smell that is, connect our product
  • 09:04: circle to knit further this length to armhole and then share my in the armhole area back and back sleeves and so working thread at me we knit purl knit here and facial up you need on the front side and it should be like this here apply and connect them together
  • 09:36: for this here are the loops that you will put together to smell they must be removed for an additional knitting needle reshoot took loops on an extra knitting needle here they working thread in my back and since we it is necessary to close the product in a circle close about 2 loops together with one needles we take loop and another and knit it
  • 10:11: together again the front needle of the back 2 loops together so we close all our loops the number of loops we have
  • 10:44: aligned remains the same the number of loops on this needle then closes his wares to the club the rest fit in a circle so I connected baked where knitted in a circle back here and now I see my products in a circle how do you combine our smell on
  • 11:18: Blouse to start knitting the hood needs this extra thread take off to dismiss this one extra thread and all our loops to collect on an additional thread and so it dissolves well
  • 12:17: if you are correct scored on the main thread loop loop the core yarn thread will be bloom well so all shoot on the face you will take loops on the knitting needle then in the area backs from from one to raglan line to another raglan line is divided exactly bisected and hung brand
  • 12:48: This is necessary because in this areas of the marker effects will be increase and decrease on the very describe the hood while knitting now look at the shape of the hood we have half hood she looks like this here at us now there is a mouth where we collected ours and if on a knitting needle this one here
  • 13:21: part is the neck area ie here we are this neck to now we need to knit a few for you will need to knit a few rows here it is now close the neck area she fit in straight hood size depends on your size of your product from the thickness yarn and similar nuances therefore the first few centimeters need it
  • 13:54: look already fit your size straight then when we start increase bichon in the neck here begin to make increases in every fourth row fourth row every fourth mind then there is one row there 2 3 4 or vko again
  • 14:24: 1 2 3 4 increase then when this occipital part you are moving here this part here up to about until exactly hold the water of this part here fit just right here can i do some pattern on your head or
  • 15:00: take already finished products and therefore product already be guided by someone head more than someone less someone to round someone to oblong shape further the water of this the places you docked right here need make a drop but this is this water parts ie this is our teme or as it says a fontanel of business on our head and here it is the frontal part
  • 15:32: so here from this part to this part centimeter gains are made centimeter or two centimeters are reduced every second row then from this yes teme here you should have a look maybe you will have to do a decrease in each row in each front row
  • 16:04: that is, here it is the distance from the back of the head to our temechko it is not so much there centimeter how many there are 34 centimeters it is not so much so here a little bit she also could orient everything when here you will make it and here for temechko water go and from the seed to the frontal part how many centimeters do you have here about tom the hood is done is stitched all here here closed last
  • 16:36: and now this distance will be closed will close on both sides Latma we will have this double here here is the part we will close ie we knit from here here neck we are here tied up right then we did increase knit again right then do down To round out our describe our products here it remains when we have this all round down turn down here stays right
  • 17:07: and here already in 3 two canvases they stapled here is the principle and the whole we describe only need to look a little by to your size and this one Token he just and need to in order this area you add gains do symmetrically with both sides from this from this marker
  • 17:38: that is, if gains begin reach here about doing here increase from this side make an increase again if we do a subtraction with this sides make a subtraction and from this side make a decrease so that was a beautiful shevchik not one loop let's say she has two loops there or look at 3 loops if you big white hood cumshot knit your hood here's my two rows then after increase
  • 18:11: both sides then just straight canvas here the reduction starts three times turned down in every second row she lowered 4 times each first row that is, each row controlled the result that it turned out such a forum where this is the neck it goes right
  • 18:44: then three supplements in every fourth the row then the canvas goes straight 3 down in every second row and 4 decreases in each the first row here is a marker which I have in the middle on the edge of the notch and I'm gum now need to flash
  • 19:16: I write by loop to loop that is needle and thread which remained from work the working thread is cut off by her and we will sew up for in the loop since here I am gum she gum I have two by two points door hall with front 2 purl means
  • 19:47: here are two loops 1 face and 3 faces of this I also have a second hand facial and 3 facial so when i will be flashing i will first from seamy side will highlight here are these 2 facial loops and on the other side hood will highlight 2 face loops
  • 20:17: we put them we sew first these loop then go to the front side and on the front side already sew up the method loop in the loop with a needle continue on sew here remains on arinka here it is century it is free on inside
  • 20:50: hollow aftermath you can tie the lace and thread this into this hollow gum laces and so i will close the method there are still corners loop in loop