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  • 00:00: [music] hello dear gardeners and gardeners my name is russian ivan i I greet you on the channel about the flower belarus end of july courgettes the weather is hot and humid almost every day the rain temperature is 25-27 degrees is the most favorable time for the growth of zucchini for harvesting and we certainly can not not talk about those
  • 00:31: problems that may arise when growing zucchini of course zucchini like and all pumpkin plants are extremely sensitive to various diseases leaf first of all it is mealy dew perinosporoz well and other diseases which are characteristic of both watermelons and day and for cucumbers well for zucchini tedx including general zucchini is a variety of pumpkin hard word bark firmly bark and should not you here
  • 01:02: to embarrass it does not mean that he has a peel very thick it is just specular name of the plant firmly to the root pumpkin You can always find out by ribbed this tail here have The second kind of pumpkin which is also often it is cultivated in large-fruited pumpkin her tail is round and here is hard bark pumpkins he is always ribbed remind that and squash and zucchini squash varieties of zucchini and these pumpkins which ripen in the fall so ribbed
  • 01:36: ponytail they are all friends with boyfriend period are over here the store bought the seeds here it is clearly some kind of misunderstanding liking all of them should be here such here one plant got caught and here it was just like that some kind of pollinating with a pumpkin well or something so different but back to problems I want today affect the problems of the fruit and when growing when removing the fruit than you can collide
  • 02:06: The first type of problem is not even infectious disease is such Here is the deformation of the fruit at the zucchini when he may be here improve narrow too then maybe normal or all normal and at the end maybe this one with this one tail of the spikes here this problem this pollination problem that means that the bee or another insect which dust alla flower she somehow caused uneven pollen on the stigma of the pistil or she
  • 02:38: just uneven there sprouted either there was some damage to the stigma of the pistil and right here this end is just not penetrated the finger did not happen fertilization the seeds here are not formed accordingly here not growing such problems are characteristic only for traditional varieties which form water you only as a result pollinating the case parthenocarpic hybrids have they do not have such problems but at the same while I always say there are two bowls
  • 03:10: scales on one side parthenocarpic comfortable they do not depend on quality dusting the other side in them is not the seeds are formed and the seeds are very many benefits even in such watery immature that they can eat extremely helpful about this too worth forget so you when you see these fruits try them delete at a young age well, like here a typical case when there is envy but She unfortunately not a dusty can be
  • 03:40: there was not enough male flowers for what the second half of summer and we have this topic somehow already affected when talked about knotted and pumpkin plants have male and female flower happier than a car peaks right here may already be the second half of summer is not enough male flowers are empty flowers despite that they are barren and in fact they still needed because they are the source of pollen here are the ovaries and here such ovaries of course need to be removed why should they be removed
  • 04:11: because they are the source infections here they begin to rot on the plant various pathogens over here for the whole has been damaged by snails this Here is not slugs this precisely snails damaged snails prefer to damage dying plant tissue slugs alive and those dying here are not formed dense skin on top accordingly she remained thin Now as this raft so wrinkled soft very and
  • 04:42: respectively and and started snails eat up it attracts and snails and but also slugs attracts already therefore it is necessary try just when you see such remove ovary if you have these ovary too much very much then what needs to be done is necessary process the plant drug , we do something already too talked about the loss of lava and gibberellins acids which are included composition of these drugs bud envy they increase the proportion of male flowers if u
  • 05:12: you passed mass education here such underdeveloped logic in bees pollinated varieties or pollinated bees hybrid varieties of zucchini not sold karmic means you just have to increase the proportion of male flowers therefore drug envy help is necessary instructions dilute and spray but here what reasons can lead to bad pollination I walked around the neighborhood found the neighboring zucchini plant here it is one thing in this so typical Belarusian garden where everything is close by and
  • 05:43: beets and potatoes and zucchini including look here male flower here he ottsvёl completely and look here times female 2 female 3 female times two ovaries here is a female flower bloomed and here's a man's and here male means well these two here male can be synchronized here with these records but unfortunately already pollen from the same plant
  • 06:13: I had enough that is why it is necessary plant some plants after all preferably different varieties how to get seeds from one variety not bookbinding I will tell you of course only a little bit later in our other Release 2 is not an infectious problem which is related to the wrong fruit formation is top rot don't be surprised we are all used to that top rot strikes
  • 06:44: mainly volumes but can still be found on peppers and sometimes on eggplant but really vertices one is also characteristic of pumpkin plants she strikes and melon and watermelon and zucchini and sometimes even cucumber at least a cucumber less so after all - much more attention is paid top rot like tomato form on the records and she can form and on more adults plants but a characteristic sign is that he always damaged here it can tip
  • 07:15: to be here on such younger fruits it can be noticeably more Adult fruit markedly and it is possible here immediately not to notice this vertex rot and if it arose like that here is the ovary then zucchini can grow half to be vinyl and because it starts tip here is this rot well is that here it is formed the cavity is the same as the cavity tomato is exactly the same winner but if you are amazed here in this young stage here such a site at all
  • 07:47: young here it is characteristic that he is from here he began to amaze enough quickly rot as well because on it settle all sorts of pathogen's this soft tissue with insufficiency nutritional elements it is extremely vulnerable to infection therefore again if you notice this kind of water on their landings zucchini their must be removed in a timely manner as possible faster that they are peddler various diseases we like me already said attract there and slugs and respectively snails but it is not very
  • 08:19: OK how do you deal with this problem this problem also occurs advantages the second half of summer zucchini already huge size they already grow they give a lot of fruit at this very moment sometimes we forget that they need to feed that they need to be processed different nutritional formulations that preventive measures needed to be done all sorts of and kinda we shoot rented remove the crop and then suddenly again and we start all sorts of this kind
  • 08:49: problems but there may already be nights somewhere a little cooler will be on this more for the month of August are accordingly it is necessary to hold your temporary dressings and ring top dressing on a leaf and ring top dressing at the root, well, again, it is imperative remind that both have tomatoes and the rest of plants peak rot occurs not only as reaction to calcium deficiency she also occurs as a very dry problem and very wet soil alternating dry
  • 09:20: and very important periods well when too hot when really drought when just nutrients don't get here in here this ending here in this the end of the fetus and accordingly it suffers from nutritional deficiencies and accordingly these are formed here that's failure and rot and well of course calcium first so all the same activities which we recommend for processing tomatoes protected ground they all concern tomatoes in the open
  • 09:50: ground they are all about and zucchini and when preventing phytophthora are the same formulations fully relate to and prevention of peronosporosis because phytophthora and peronosporosis is quite very related organisms are not here either the other is not a mushroom is such no algae so the activities aimed at preventing late blight they will help and eradicate or same to prevent
  • 10:20: diseases peronosporozy well and in the end I remind you that when harvesting zucchini and about the squatters of course in no case we can not forget very tasty vegetable well me he grew up so you are hefty in general o you need to collect this size a little cook canned very delicious well and the rind here he is wonderful because he is also very delicious Italians if you saw here such a tank you probably even came in horror, they probably eat only such well and so, too, there is a place in the kitchen so when collecting zucchini need to remember
  • 10:53: what preferably need to have clothes with long sleeves because point leaves prickly irritate the skin and in order not to have problems and weekdays after weekend after collecting zucchini if ​​you only weekends are in the country accordingly need to wear appropriate clothing gloves in order so as not to have problems with irritation skin on this i say goodbye to you all good well small bonus of it release with zucchini this year just
  • 11:23: trouble I don’t know where to put them ordinary standard variety as you can see there are only solid ovaries for women flowers and here here is one male appeared bloomed today and thank God and dust these ovaries spend every week the machine does not already know where to put caviar we can eat every day of course plants it is only here 6 plants
  • 11:54: squash on this garden 4 patissons of all, that 's why processing drought even some proper care they contribute to the fact that the plant grow well fruit well and the fact that this is a traditional variety of what these are all to not so say varieties they are more
  • 12:24: sweet they were delicious and as they say what good for the hypermarket is not always good for ordinary garden because must be remembered in very high value including unripe pumpkin seeds plants they are very useful for health [music]