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MEATLESS CUTLETS | from lentil and rice | With a pyureshka  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello there is Michael Vegan welcome welcome to my channel here i am cooking very tasty and even sometimes useful we will make cutlets today macaroons no feather long I put off cooking this dish because not could find a really cool recipe on my taste this recipe is very successful well right and here's the beauty see for yourself if you cook try and all you need is everything only the three most important ingredients for cooking these cutlets is soaked she on lentils here she looks like this
  • 00:33: after 8 hours for urinating jack as well as boiled rice and look now at the proportions of my lentils are less here Orysa more although the proportions of lentils I will be more in meatballs also need onions I'll use some more garlic and some nutmeg you will use or do not use yourself decide on its discretion proceed pay attention I will use absolutely raw lentils just pre-washed several times and soaked overnight and in this seems to me
  • 01:04: it is the personality of this recipe cutlets will be very juicy fresh to taste and very pleasant the first thing need to do is chop the lentils in blender I use mobile in my opinion much more convenient to do it [music] but my chopped lentils I'll add a couple garlic cloves and finely chopped onions and all together then all this together
  • 01:36: blender once again connect grind up to 1 year after I chopped lentils with onions I send more a large bowl to mix with my rice here the alignment of the pieces will be such if you have lentils take yours amount of lentils for one piece of rice should be 075 a little less than the same quantity and let's say 025 should be
  • 02:06: here are two components so it means one part lentils 075 rice and 20 025 onions some more spices i will use salt but where without them rice and peace opel I will use black pepper but here a little mix is ​​not here
  • 02:42: nothing is burning Vaska kovach or just for Aroma black pepper ground and I will use nutmeg this is the such a sausage or something ferry all products of any meat content they contain nutmeg this very the most common and you are so fresh freshly grated nutmeg is just the bomb and so now we shuffle very carefully and after which this fact will be
  • 03:13: ready to go on pan and now form our I like to make small patties small not thick and shape them little boys on both sides I'll make the whole thing flat rice in this this stuffing is that when these patties are fried such a hen is formed on them nice beautiful and she crunches slightly and generally wild summer is different from other recipes that they are not a weakling some kind of porridge
  • 03:44: apparently because the lentils do not win after the butter on the skillet warms up and I will deliver power on average I will fry on it cutlets from two sides of about three or four minutes to golden brown so lentils can even cook inside the patties they will only fry roofs [music] look how beautiful have turned out
  • 04:17: chops they have browned each side and top formed such golden crisp like spoke thanks to the weight but they would incomplete if I hadn't cooked for them their mashed potatoes I made it based on coconut milk and added dill love when the greens present in the feathers and here it is magical magic just a combination should now connect in one plate and then it will be a bomb [music]
  • 04:51: I look at these cutlets and inside her something appears so kind warm like mom or grandma once cooked what dish with the same associated but now only now just now this dish is really kind none the animal did not suffer so that I
  • 05:23: could enjoy this feeling the taste here is very cool crispy crust on top thank sous and here in this combined with mashed potatoes I added here probably a wave of apples this just a divine order dish and it is better to recheck it is very cool delicious must add nutmeg
  • 05:53: nut he gives a highlight to these reptiles very delicious and I note that the line of sex is probably due to only steamed uncooked lentils and when it turns juicy plus adding there pike of course also plays its role and this is very difficult come off so I want with you on this moment to say goodbye necessarily try writing your favorite recipes
  • 06:23: comments on this video may be I will cook some of them and not forget to put the cutlet on this video 1000 likes to new meetings subscribe to the channel bye bye [music] [applause]