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  • 00:00: [music] hello today we'll talk about double play is awesome device such a wand wand for those who like to work with knitted fabrics but not yet has a special sewing technique for hem the bottom it's me now it sewing machine this quite expensive sewing technique and
  • 00:31: if you don't sew as often as you like it would be a double needle for you enough here is an example of an ordinary knitwear t-shirt and pay attention to her podgibki from the face is so ordinary flat stitch double but inside what a beautiful reminding obmetochny line overlock lines this line made on rasposhivalny machines
  • 01:04: and here is my line that I completed using a double needle from the face again such a flat seam double a from the inside already such a zigzag seam check us especially for you I built this line is a contrast thread so I would certainly made in tons although in this there is something interesting too probably many beginners now the question arose why not just a regular sewing machine with a regular needle
  • 01:37: make these two straight parallel lines of course can be but only if you work with a fabric on knitwear no longer ride knitwear is subject to constant voltage and at the next voltage he can just burst like that double line game and the back having a zigzag she possesses elasticity due to this need forehead on what needles do i have This is the needle was bundled with
  • 02:08: sewing machine dzhunom let's let's see what are you all about represents double needle but this is of course two needles 1 2 this such a plastic retainer and of course needle cone note that she is alone so please do not try two most ordinary needles in some way shove in the hole where it should stand double needle you will fail
  • 02:38: you just break your sewing machine for some materials and taigla what is suitable to begin to miss stitches are all because the needle universal she is not only knitwear there is still such a set of double universal needles here pay attention to these numbers which bottom those with a comma they tell you about what is the distance between the needles then there are 2 respectively
  • 03:08: between needles 2 millimeters here 3 accordingly, the distance between rolls 3 millimeters was also here 16 more but somewhere lost but these Here tsiferki 70 80 90 this is the size the needle itself and finally my favorite option this needle for stressful materials let's say so my favorite color is my favorite the size see here that we have 44 millimeters distances between needles on my
  • 03:38: a look is the most harmonious options and the cutest i would say there is also double needles for stitching jeans for decorative from lines in general their much but most important for starters learn to at least fill let 's start the needles strings we need two spools they must be the same that is same thickness and desirable the same degree of winding and we set them in different directions
  • 04:08: 1 will spin clockwise the arrow and the other counterclockwise This is a very important tip to strings in the process of sewing you have not twisted so take our strings and follow directions on our case or your instructions we refuel two threads so as if we have one thread through thread guide then down through the other thread guide and also go down I
  • 04:45: put my favorite a needle previously unscrewed single better wilted foot will disassemble more conveniently insert our double barrel spin I return the caress to the place now we will
  • 05:17: to thread the needles left coil respectively left needle right coil respectively right there is still such a recommendation one thread is tucked into this thread guide and cling to the hook was needles and the second thread free flying here so leave and will be just
  • 05:49: fill it up with a needle that is I can not hook these hooks and and not I will but honestly I spent experiment I tried not to fill fill in these circles the second thread and I did not notice the difference although this is possible feature of my sewing machines but for yours it will be very important refueled I fill the second
  • 06:19: both are required in the hole in the foot and send back the needle thread we refueled now we are missing on the needle plate and strings of the shuttle I already talked about this about my video as fill the sewing machine here principle the exact same i twist the flywheel on yourself until full turn until needles return to the previous position and pull for
  • 06:51: needle thread appears a loop thread dude get it all together send back now carefully We look at the case of sewing machines we need straight stitch and center needle position here under point and just what we need under paragraph b straight stitch is also shown here needle position is no longer central it is shifted to the left and if I shift also
  • 07:22: to the left, respectively, when I am drop your needles down left needle will hit a rectangular plate and we just break the eye so I return back to the center position and I look now at the stitch length here standard stitch length as you like two to three millimeters i like the 2 half worth saying also about the tension of the upper thread when we
  • 07:55: we make lines by an ordinary needle as a rule This is a four-piece when working with a double a needle practice has shown that tension need to put stronger about six but anyway you can experiment and do so how do you like more why it is better to build tension a little more I noticed that when you make a line twin needle in the normal tension but how to do it on one needle then one of these two games starts
  • 08:26: skip stitches infrequently but nevertheless it is noticeable accordingly when we set tension a little bigger picture changing stitches are no longer skipped this is what i mean the line goes goes and then bang and incomprehensible such stitch long then goes again and goes long stitch yes you so that's what i had By the way, skipping stitches is very serious problems and often
  • 08:56: encountered when working with a double needle why is this happening well first because some of the needles could blunt what needs to be done accordingly replace them secondly as I said tension so it can be put a little harder and line will be the better that even as we can help this ordinary tracing here pencil that we will be with you fold in half and now show that we do put
  • 09:28: this tracing paper on the rack under the foot and we will our laid my tracing the segment can be at first tracing paper on the material or in chorus already on the bottom omitting needles will make a point by tracing a straight well, let's say this the line you need is getting
  • 10:10: what we have to do now just trim the tracing paper neatly very neat so as not to notch our strings only must pass on throughout your stitch and respectively due to such a seal the line will be much better there is one more trick you can do a little bit needles pull down literally on
  • 10:42: a few millimeters Spin the descent Klava a little lower and fasten with a screw and well but practice shows that usually the problem is is that your needle doesn't fit your material that is, it is enough supple and you don't use super stretch needles use universal therefore as a rule The needle changes to super stretch and and everything goes like clockwork
  • 11:13: I also advise you not to scribble much quickly because in this case The speed on the quality of your stitch is very strongly influenced at the end of the line also sometimes us bartack required i press reverse literally three stitches doing back on myself after that I recommend you finish the line
  • 11:43: you close near the line of cut unnecessary material here we cut let's say this is some kind of our product after of this we will go ironing this site I hope I convinced you that
  • 12:14: double needle this is really very very useful stuff but it is worth saying this if suddenly you decide to start working more intensively sew a dress with the fabric on order sweatshirts and other things I advise you already have a sewing machine the line will be nicer and that most importantly it will be safer really reliable but about double Needle anyway do not forget because with it you can do not only
  • 12:45: such a flat seam direct but also a lot of decorative lines But this topic is for a separate video. [music]