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  • 00:00: hello dear friends of what supermarket I bought frozen pink salmon and today I decided to pickle and so I pinked out the scales and then sheathed two fillets on such skin without bones and bones I deleted as to fish a fillet I think you already you know, and if anyone knows, you can watch my video like from frozen
  • 00:30: pink salmon cook salted salmon and any red fish i usually salute only dry salting is such a dry way of salting I liked most of all for some reason to pickle pink salmon I do first on a sunny mix a small bowl pour 3 tablespoons of salt salt take without a slide and one tablespoon
  • 01:00: sugar without a slide later is desirable mix well salting I took this form for baking and covered it polyethylene in the middle of the form I pour out one tablespoon of solar mix so here i am scattering I take one half of the fish and spread it
  • 01:32: on the salt now I fall asleep the fish meat from above so here salt can be slightly y so wipe we rub too hard because the meat is very delicate second half fish and fall asleep salt a little salt i for skin [music]
  • 02:09: salt-strewn second half fish I I put here and so is obtained as the top Here is such a whole fish skin I rub west salt by the solar mixture can fish immediately so take and turn the amplifier in the other side is also salt could by solar mix also
  • 02:40: add some seasoning spices for fish but I like the most natural taste salty pink salmon and so pink salmon I covering up and send salmon salted in fridge for two days pink salmon need to salt cool place to make pink salmon evenly salty wiser need her in a day turn over to the other side passed
  • 03:11: two days when the soul is ready for addicting but I still want it slightly to dry lightly and dry them with paper towels then fillet of pink salmon I divide back and on the mother-in-law that is on the belly here so here take very good
  • 03:49: you turned out so salty and in the same way I will do with the second piece of fish pieces I string on hooks from the head to eavesdrop the fish need a cool room and preferably under a fan or on draft i will dry fish on the balcony for days
  • 04:19: under the fan hung pink 10 hours under light blown weak fan and without fan all night on the balcony on the balcony of the temperature at the I range from 18 to 20 degrees I think this pink salmon can also to dry up in the kitchen and the main thing so that either light airflow or draft and as a result I got here such a yummy look what beauty is showing her closer look it turned out real
  • 04:53: dried fish see and it tastes turned out very tender and salty very-very tasty thing such snacks cooking is not difficult and not long two days the fish salted in the refrigerator and then the day is dried on the balcony or on the kitchen best to keep such a fish wrapped parchment paper
  • 05:24: the fridge if you liked mine video put likes subscribe to my channel cook with me cook better all bon appetit good moods and as always, I wish you all good luck and health [music]