Knitted products from cotton threads a |vyazaniye spokes of Idea of Zoya Vulvich of a |nadezhd of Fedorov to Needlewomen.

Knitted products from cotton threads a |vyazaniye spokes of Idea of Zoya Vulvich of a |nadezhd of Fedorov to Needlewomen.  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] [applause] [music] [applause] [music] good afternoon let's let's talk about cotton yarn and knitted products executed today i'm with a huge the joy of release this video on the eve of women's holiday 8 Martha when spring is loud announces itself ringing dripping icicles warm sunshine good mood nature wakes up and we are women as part nature more often watch
  • 00:30: the mirror to us too want to be beautiful together with surroundings feel breath of spring and dress like that we got attention to us orlovets cotton threads created by itself by nature grow them the most ancient times perfecting processing and improving quality before 17 and 19 centuries of cotton threads spun girls was only 8-10 years old only such children fingers could feel the right
  • 01:00: cotton thickness strings of products from cotton is nice for man they pass air well absorb body moisture in cotton sheath not feel discomfort when the scorching sun material protects against hesitation external temperature Wednesday today is huge selection of yarn and thread from finest to coarse spinning each chooses in his taste and depending from conceived idea summer model fit from thin threads preferably with different patterns because the holes
  • 01:30: will allow not only body breathe but also decorate products cotton strings may be different seat connected work from thin method look neat rows look smooth and clean knit out of this yarn predominantly summer top and paid sundresses amazingly looks and evening dress with bound holes in clear and certain order such dresses seem air lungs refined and exquisite cotton yarn can to consist of
  • 02:00: several very fine additions from it turns out more dense large products coat tip suits such a yarn is very smooth and smooth finished product looks like representatively and at the same time seeing when we purchase strings in the store as a rule we have already there is an image in my head new product we hold a ball hands and feel it structure understand which is better to knit from such truly magic threads very important
  • 02:30: feel and imagine your future dress our fantasy must see future drawing for invented so that he brighter and more fully revealed conceived image need to be avoided gum design from cotton yarn better to use drawings with application nakidov to give airiness image pigtails with alternating artificial holes connected in certain order make it appear bump when we look at such product all
  • 03:00: irregularities cause our mind the game fantaisie exciting certain emotions undoubtedly take into account age owners products to drawing did not increase the form from shortened if this necessary and vice versa visual pattern expand and enlarge some parts of your products and never make a dress tight such products cause rejection and is created impression
  • 03:30: flaws and no yes any reasonableness figure problems often they can be made up hide free fitting the product and your figure will be seem flawless and vestments are required products will cause delight and admiration have u bound products such magic property show grace owners and underline her sophistication and charm knitting possesses magical powers transform women
  • 04:00: if the product is created in size right felt drawings and collected in full compliance with body proportions when clearly depicts the silhouette then awakens inside beauty owners dress and dress itself as would be expressed in full harmony grace and delight buttons on its own female devoid of elasticity so you need a lot do carefully calculation 5d sat down and always stock it given that the flakes
  • 04:30: when washing gives shrink many subtleties of knitting from cotton yarn you can see in submitted models of this video craftsmen and designers knitted products for and help and every needlewoman with wish will tie your own unique masterpiece taking advantage of your music and and rich ideas creative to all inspiration and rich fantasies survive create beauty do it yourself
  • 05:00: with spring inspiration sunny joy in soul congratulations to all workers with coming female holiday let all yours will be fulfilled desires to creative highlights interesting amazing finds came up with you with ease or pour quickly want to winter clothes each of you stimulus several years to eyes lit up new sincerely and in love so you in your gowns felt
  • 05:30: oneself and unique you were behind the scenes hope will fyodor glad your comments if you this information interesting subscribe to channel and you always will receive exit notice new commercials to new meetings [music]