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Бомбочки для ванны своими руками / Пошаговый рецепт  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello, everyone decided to make a video about her hobby my hobby is bath cosmetics Handwork for them, that is, about bombs for the bathroom handmade soap so on I pack it all in beautiful original gift sets and in last time in my group from my customers began to receive questions such as make a waterbomb yourself at least it's not home use necessarily some beautiful gift and I decided to tell the soldier today recipe bombs for the bathroom but because what to do it's not difficult on its own
  • 00:32: business recipes can very much choose their own supplements components that will be included in bomb but the basic recipe is one to them is three main components that are included in all bath bombs first main component is citric acid second The main ingredient is baking soda and the third is water will need three points in which we will mix now I will mix up one bombshell so i will need a little plate spoon common which we will mix help prepare the following proportions
  • 01:03: for tablespoons of soda 1 spoon of lemon acids for her citric acid is necessary grind it to such a state to flour conditions and also as I add an additional component sea ​​salt sea salt also need to grind to a state of flour and 1 spoon of sea salt is here now us two tablespoons soda 1 spoon lemon acids and one spoon of sea salt
  • 01:35: it is necessary to aromatize our bomb There are two kinds of flavors you can use cosmetic fragrances either essential oils cosmetic fragrances look like this can be purchased in any store for soap makers either For crafts, for example, I will today use pink grapefruit either can use essential oils example today I will use ethereal orange oil essential oils also specialty stores sold it can be purchased at the pharmacy
  • 02:06: I saw even in the supermarket and so on 5-7 drops are enough for a bomb flavoring I and I will mix therefore I will add about 4 drops of perfume and few drops of essential oil or for To bomb was even more useful we need to add some basic ones oils oils can be used any which you like it can be oil coconut germ oil
  • 02:37: wheat and even just extra virgin olive oil can I will use today wheat germ oil i like most also add a few drops for Beauty can additionally add dye dye and also there are two kind of eat food dyes and cosmetic all you dye on migrates but they are more natural so I use them to purchase also
  • 03:07: can specialized stores for crafts i will use pink dye and add about 5 drops if you make the bomb for the first time then I recommend not to add citric acid mix salt and soda further add already dye all the bow all that you you need to mix this and only in last turn to add lemon acid all this must be mixed until homogeneous
  • 03:37: the masses after all have heard components need to add last component water it is added always in last and serve as such glue which glue all our water components preferably I type in a sprayer here from some simple hair product which ended it all washed for lada water is desirable to spray was small and quite a lot
  • 04:08: water is very important not to overdo it otherwise the bombshell will start to react soda with citric acid how about reacting and the bomb will be spoiled on you not will turn out so well, about one zilch will mix enough again necessary mix very well to water is evenly distributed throughout composition when we mixed all the ingredients they need to be laid the form the forms can be different than the original form is standard
  • 04:38: Here is such a form of such a sphere ball, they there are different I have a little there are still such large heart shape that is, there are many of them if you no special form can take any small plate some box I use my favorite spoon shape impose and very tightly pressed tightly tamp the composition first one half then the other half
  • 05:11: just tightly pressed to the bomb did not fall apart with a small slide we need to lay down here to formed such a small slide and connect the two halves remove too much and carefully press gently clean top of form and second remove the excess edge turned out such
  • 05:48: bomb This bomb is standard without ornaments and as a decoration you can use eg ground coffee dried herbs berries and so then you can large sheet sea salt I usually do this in my group many options for the design of bombs I will leave a link to the group in the description the bomb is ready now she needs freeze well it will go away a few hours until it is soft fragile better to leave it on a flat surface
  • 06:18: for it to dry