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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear subscribers and guests my channel I am glad to welcome you at the master class today we will is dedicated to another regular bracelet until his from which we do not need
  • 00:31: materials This beads I wove on Chinese beads number six the bigger the beads the better also we will need bead ronda 6 millimeters needed a bead 2 millimeters and you will need bicone 4 millimeter
  • 01:05: weave we will be on fishing line diameter 0 20 millimeters of you both on the slab and on it need a lighter bead needle connecting rings we need lock carabiner and chain extension
  • 01:36: proceed to the needle with the line we recruit 4 beads move to the bottom and we pass into the most
  • 02:07: the very first bead here we got a cross take one bead rondel goose damage even just we push back
  • 02:44: beads to dial and again dial 4 move the beads with a needle we pass in first bead again we take rondel move aside
  • 03:21: and take up to 4 beads We move aside at the bottom and again pass into the last bead you will return the first bead
  • 03:51: again we are picking up the bead of ronda again take 4 and pass into the first bead
  • 04:32: take ronda's bead we got a 4 ronda beads and four sets of cross and take tying a knot
  • 05:03: we cut off the unnecessary end of fishing line and this end and then burn the lighter here
  • 05:35: we got this first picture then we go through the beads with a needle and bead rondel we pass bead needle go through two beads here
  • 06:08: our working is clearly visible here in this beads of average and do the same itself same set one bead rounds 4 beads again we pass into the first
  • 06:42: again gaining muscle people a 54 [music]
  • 07:42: and the last bead rondon and here we got 4 beads
  • 08:13: bullshit and go through that bead in which we have visible only our working fishing line we pass from the back so everything is well tightened
  • 08:44: passes through the bead ronda bead there through the bead rondo le bead and again pass the bead
  • 09:35: that is, in this way we are doing we knit such identical rows to the size we need and knit to the size we need
  • 12:03: after we April to the right size and we will braid with your sides we go through the beads and pebbles with a needle through the bead and the top one we take one bead and
  • 12:38: one bicone and pass into the upper bead we correct pass through the beads and beads
  • 13:08: take one bead and 2 bicone and pass into the bicone and through the two beads
  • 13:44: we pass we pass the next bead through
  • 14:28: the next bead and go out into the third bead again recruit 1 bead one bicone pass the bead
  • 15:08: through beads and beads pass through two beads
  • 15:39: pretty tight and so knit so knit up
  • 17:34: end on both sides here we are knitting with you tank with this from this side and the thing is is the eyelet to fasten Needle two upper beads recruit 4 beads and one bicone 4 beads and one bicone 4 beads and with back
  • 18:08: parties we pass delaying [music] birch same shelf and boil
  • 20:07: insert the connecting ring can put the chain extension and lock our bracelet is ready who liked my master class put
  • 20:55: likes subscribe to the channel bye [music]