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  • 00:00: hello with you delicate asic want show you a delicious custard for this you need to take 400 grams of milk pour the dishes and put immediately on the stove then we mix 135 grams of eggs can take eggs or part of an egg and part part of the eggs looking for part of the yolks there too pour 103 165 grams of sugar and shuffle when people are after us
  • 00:33: this you need to add one spoon with a heap of flour and one spoonful of starch with slide can be a little less starch and mix well, take care not to lumps left bends the milk and immediately pour into our we watch mixture to not burned from it is very dependent taste
  • 01:04: The cream here is shown here. that the cream is not ready, that is, if someone not ready yet cream ready here he can see that he is there liquid and I boil him this the process does not last long about 5 minutes about boil a little couple of minutes boiled and you can take off when the cream is ready whisk leaves such a pattern in sight now
  • 01:34: straight cream ready when the cream a little bit cool down we add butter and pinch vanilla for taste is very suitable brandy there you can literally teaspoon add to this portion we baked our tartlets and custard
  • 02:05: the cream goes with us like a toothed filling nozzle You can see the picture is very beautiful coming out and neatly such a perth snails we used for our cake watch subscribe to our great channel to seek happy new year