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  • 00:00: and hello again you friends on the channel at BC [music] today we will experience materials namely video which you long waited for this paint remover sometimes we need to completely remove the paint from of parts this is small
  • 00:31: difficulties with the skins that is you for we use this liquid for removal varnish and paint today we have 4 positions this paint no I do not know the manufacturer guys find out yourself on the internet here such a fluffy liquid aerosol jar for her we will use ordinary spray and of course water and I would like to put an accent wherever
  • 01:05: you will not read the instructions either what is not such a graph body solely uses this very harmful substance and to use and work with substances who have that Well, you need to have either strong eggs or just so you don't have brains single use may be means nothing well if you will it
  • 01:36: use the co-operative that is washes putty primers that is health nothing good will because of as it is known causes cancer it is scary let's bath we have such a brush we have youth spatula to shoot paint residues and let's just Well, let's start mazay let's give odds to body and remember where we can on this
  • 02:11: wing we will use bodysuit for to work with buddies be sure to wear gloves so your skin is not followed to the bone and preferably suit language that is a respirator rather not a respirator will not save a gas mask better immediately with cylinders already so internal ok, let's start smearing we will not make large areas that is
  • 02:43: apply body let's protect the time here we notice without 1511 yes so next we will use on this wing and pp before less tolik well here shake up see here got a little bit Okay, I think it will be clear
  • 03:28: for me to direct for this means as1 remover universal we will transfer it to another bottle so that you can splash and oh acid smells fu those two remedies don't seem to smell acid so well, this here on the spray form Natalya
  • 04:00: edge [music] so and here it is she means us gel too as if Tolik need to find the demand is not a brush [music]
  • 04:32: so we washed the brush another brush Now let's apply this tool no paint [music] [music] so body while no effect is also not yet
  • 05:03: clear here, too, nothing can be seen children too, so far nothing is visible so look while five minutes have passed let's take 15 minutes we will wait [music] [music]
  • 05:34: Well, gentlemen, since we put body passed 20 minutes she had the first after which now the camera will take off after what we inflicted a ppt after which we put this here facilities
  • 06:06: [music] and the last one put paint no how see what they do on the ice to the nation on in fact, this is our tool is not a sign manufacturers here we look we read well basically this praise and there is no tolola there it is for sure so here let's work it all
  • 06:40: try to take off maybe not here raised but maybe the paint is soft let's start with the body I would like to say that we did not put at risk here paint old factory still in principle, it is completely dry and now the problem to remove the wash itself is not that paint as well pp
  • 07:12: no effect at all Vlad glitters [applause] [music] well, that's ac1 well not bad degreases i would say in
  • 07:43: paint does not remove the visible man well, no paint [applause] [music] kiss [music] [applause]
  • 08:15: [music] very clean brushed without breaking zinc damn cool we found right place for these funds she is hereafter she will leave for dump what to say i would have a bigger opinion To be honest, I thought the body would take off under addition we worked hood was treated
  • 08:48: filmed everything was fine but there we are 120 brushed paint put at risk and maybe the product was easier to get into old paint layers here we put right on the nail does not degrease not cleaned up apparently 3 funds failed tests and here it is me very Pleased personally, I will use
  • 09:19: this is not no advertising because in general it was not even sent to us manufacturer we have a friend who distributes the company atrix and here it is also such a thing probably when trading well, neither the city nor Ufa Bashkortostan Ufa Respect well done I hope she was all today the video was good health to all good moods of vigorous good and dough
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  • 10:53: this business we invite everyone to all former CIS countries as well as far abroad housing is provided