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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone, today we will be with you knit here such a pattern is openwork pattern in principle, I think that you can use it partially for decoration caps and you can even knit
  • 00:32: stoles and so i will now show how we we will knit it show on thicker threads to it was clearer and this I knit this example I knitted a mohair report of this pattern this is 10 loops plus 2 edge I will type 22 loops this for 2 rapport and start with you knit the first row is the front row
  • 01:02: here is our tail here is the main thread [music] turn over so here to the other side and from the very first loop I am like this knit will begin to knit facial end of row [music] second row we knit purl and
  • 01:44: knit them with stretched purses first remove the loop and the second knit here and so we pull the thread I hold my left hand a little loop with which we pull the thread and
  • 02:15: a little bit like this higher pull more all we lower noose the same is all the rest here and so we pull a little bit more as well, these loops can be knit nakidom together but then it will be uncomfortable knit need to be nakida dissolve in order to knit already we have so here is knitted in this case
  • 02:45: do nakid and knit purl but i don't do that you can i do that just holding the loop of your finger and I pull the thread along with it and next we have 3 row first loop we
  • 03:15: remove and enter the needle in 9 loops here 33 and here is our 9, I first enter from the right the sides are aligning them like this and we will knit on the left side
  • 03:51: knit will be interesting so in a way we introduce the right knitting needle into these all loops do a cape Pull the loop back on its
  • 04:21: knitting needle like this and immediately knit facial 1 and so here we repeat with you nine times that is, we are our 9 loops must be compensated by these here elongated loops and how we have two loops [music]
  • 04:56: further loop well and so on [music] and here we have already pulled out 9 loops we are here on the right needle now 10 hinges together with edge and now It's time just pull this left knitting needle Our first flower
  • 05:28: next loop we knit facial and the next 95 years he loops on us queues and we will do exactly this same operation two three here is our 9 loops and correctly 2 remain at the end of the loop so here we enter the needle on the left side
  • 05:58: pulling the loop and tying facial 2 3 and so on we do exactly the same and in the first case
  • 06:35: [music] we all have already made our second flower and the last two loops knit facial
  • 07:06: the next fourth row and we knit completely his facial first loop we remove and all the rest knit facial so here here corrected highly
  • 07:40: but fifth row we again knit facial first loop we take off the first shoot and knit again facial
  • 08:18: but but Well [music] the sixth row we knit as well as 2 we knit it with the purl elongated
  • 08:49: loops like this for us and here and so our [music] but [music] next 7 row and we will again
  • 09:31: form such flowers but a little staggered we always we are guided by this stratum central loops here it is our central loop here at the bottom of this waves and from her left and right should go 4 loops that is, look central here are four loops central
  • 10:01: and here are 4 tiles of everything here so there will be 9 loops here we have here is our 6 loop one goes to the edge that's the first one is this loop will be simply connected to the face total we 4 loops remain which we must knit like a flower so the first take off take 4 here these loops we so here
  • 10:31: align and knit through them so here we pull out 4 loops and knit facial 2 3 shields all small such a flower is ready
  • 11:01: the next spoke and we should knit through 9 loops pull out 9 new 5 here are our 9 loops slavery three four gives five and in the same way as before pulling out 9 loops
  • 11:33: of the contract [music] fini [music] shields and [music]
  • 12:03: there is [music] sen [music] are looking for
  • 12:33: and 95 and all you can pull the needle 2 and 3 3 so all right here is tying one facial and here we take 5 loops the last is left as edge
  • 13:06: [music] one this [music] shields and five
  • 13:41: we all have the last face and then we we repeat ourselves from the fourth row that is we are all knitting facial now all knit loops face in the eighth row in the ninth row we turn over and also knit facial tenth row will again
  • 14:13: repeat with you what is the third here row no second row where we will all loop knit purl elongated and so Now we knit with you 8 row I already I will bring to such a logical point that it was clear from what moment
  • 14:50: how we should knit further and so 8 row knit all the facial loops [music] the ninth row we turn over the first remove and also knit all the loops facial this is your 9 years and in the tenth row we are with you
  • 15:29: knit purl stretched just like in the second row all i I will not show further I will show here our 9 rows further we repeat from the second row description I will do under the video in the description for I'll try the video myself in detail describe this whole pattern because as a scheme
  • 16:00: it is difficult for me to make up here I do not know how some is designated moment if someone knows then please me I will leave a link to your scheme and so thank you all who liked to subscribe and see my other patterns I'll leave also a reference to their other patterns and knitwear such as caps and sweater slippers also so, thank you all bye bye
  • 16:33: [music] [music]