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  • 00:00: [music] greet you from moscow guys where They grow on every step ceps chapter you go on Tverskaya and there fungi grow white shiva we will now work with mushrooms we are in the cooking studio Marus on the taganka where mushrooms grow here too held cooking classes master class and here you can celebrate a birthday
  • 00:32: format bat in place corporate from there are classes in Russian cuisine because that here everything is waxed style framed for our fellow citizens for foreign guests and so on means very popular dish that us asking really pearl barley with mushrooms here is nothing better therefore You need to start with barley because she brewed separately and the season now when this is our answer to the mushroom cutter to call where there is something pilot, I somehow do not like
  • 01:04: I think it's funny Vichet pilot Makara but there it is allowed yes yes vessel that is still there what we have round eat yes oats then something funny Hercules gulki heights then I am now her rinsed put put barley good things very useful and very fields I was there in her Pawnee chinyu I think extremely low glycemic years until Ilya how she somehow very long
  • 01:36: Monaco enters and leaves and she at all nothing is left just for you then while barley is cooked of course most often debt so we will not be there on not really be just that accent but from appearance if you spend hours working with mushrooms these are good white mushrooms they now lie in the water so that the sand before sags I'll clean them a little bit now
  • 02:07: real Moscow mushrooms and prepare for as long as the mushroom part of the leg is always good product even if she separated from the cap something but nothing there is no terrible leg she is plump of course right she such more cute mushrooms you us because at night collect it all white and there is a difference from whites from borovikov I I think that there are simply no different words or good when the albino company
  • 02:39: say and you have to boil the mushrooms mushrooms this tornado boil white not it is necessary and now I'll fry the onion and how svinushki tears need Magadan legs and conditionally edible but the form of the record at first it will fry onions and only then I'll add mushrooms there everything is extremely simple guys for some reason mushrooms But from card to card, potato artoshka
  • 03:10: and we are wrong now fry I'll chop mushrooms too arbitrarily then yes in a very free way that is, no need for slices and which are not scribble enough rude because they will decrease in size white yes they because they mean their flavor ceps special heal alliances
  • 03:41: who know the sense of the video does not respect whites of course of course they have it the same cult will benefit the mushroom here on the cat with us she still think who he cults between hot to my knees 100 well done i I want to fry a little onion to highlight his taste since he's here i I'll tell you what if you make cheese and fried onions a little cream there before
  • 04:11: very similar to the taste of mushrooms the club is such a cheap substitute mane thing but they help each other always you can draw ours on it, those are this sauce up to plan sauce well you can and run make transfer rubles massively figachit until fried onions this month in then what is called caramelization to by expression was the taste here is the barley i I can take salt and salt and barley
  • 04:42: it happens that furniture is brewed for a long time it happens quickly depending on which she poured out of water how much is very important on the most important thing is that the food on the barley on in fact, I can personally if 10 poured hot water here in the rice can not be if you won't throw him back And in the box you can, that is, by eye poured more heavy pans and ok carpet pan just now when water
  • 05:12: boils yes I'll cover the lid will cook under the lid while I'm still now just better catch a boil without a cap so that our foam does not have to flow here necessary they are ported when boil the foam will trample and everything will fall on the stove so it is better to catch the boil rubbed heating and cover then here our blu-tack is caramelized because that when we add mushrooms there will begin
  • 05:43: of this and I now I am already yes now like that from above threw mushrooms on bow and I will not mix services still under mushrooms a little fried and let the mushrooms already grab everything cool here boil gone I remove the heat and cover cover no salt you just added a look salt it is necessary salt does not affect the ability to large
  • 06:16: booze boil soft children and while I did not touch the bow a little crust under the pressure of mushrooms and now better will roast so further that here we fry and now I I finally mix autolog already fried under the mushrooms now we fry all I do not salute to no mushrooms flowed as they flow
  • 06:46: compass do they flow strong they so flowed chuunina was some the grass in the mushrooms do not know or do not understand how the Italians when do risotto with white mushrooms are added slightly white wine 1 pure filling attracts thyme slightly from you alone that story for barley is not I want to add no blame to some the number of whole mushrooms taste up until the mushrooms flowed but they would have flowed a little bit about how much it is brewed 1 so that it
  • 07:20: maybe 40 minutes brewed there is no there is no such thing exactly there I took the minutes for the pearl barley which is impossible to digest and it did not cook yes she will always be fine but when she already ready fare to digest i no she never turn into some kind fucking understands it is generally cool to me this she seems some noble on
  • 07:51: really so to hand because she very smooth given but on teach when cooked is and taste its delicacy is practically not the screen here mushrooms by the way do not flow yet it's always better than they flow flow it is not scary but when do not flow it's even better I have them already now Ways to give you some juice because I must confess them a little bit and put it down
  • 08:21: I definitely want to be small amount of liquid in them already Then it's fluid theory of dolmens once water pearls in general was I always I have this dish at home wide thermos if he does n't have this dish, I always modifying in a thermos pearl barley cooked hot before mixed with mushrooms warmed some more creamy oil and then into a thermos and it reaches like this that no goner comes as much as before training with fish in a thermos
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  • 09:22: either directly to our channel yes and then will be cheap and it literally burns it never so why you give me this I think that yes your friend even pretends that you are not offended if you send him such a goal is a bridge like me the most expensive the most therefore the notion that wives Decembrists drove with them in reference to
  • 09:52: today acquire new meaning on look, now I can come here go to the store for butter and I while cheese and cheese from the cap is better not there is no tastier cheese to mature
  • 10:24: a piece of good noise from butter sheer beauty quite i am much butter than add there went to such brilliance literally melt him then I can now we actually time to dump the viewers will not pause so easily yes we are doing now pause to barley fell i will show it
  • 10:54: readiness for now we just have to wait for a cup of coffee here look what was the barley about and hear what does not need anything but that's it anyway, sir like a hundred chinese thousand me a lot on this number of mushrooms could not do that here are those fried mushrooms myself now I will give here a little water so we moisten the butter now it's
  • 11:26: we are undermining our our necessary number of barley with porcini mushrooms make less barley well this one barley by the way, you can freeze quietly in bags because for barley freezing does not affect later in pickle use mushroom there soup or hands for the same purposes between
  • 11:56: Other valuable thing she calmly freezes nobody ever understands she should ice cream right here now there will be an emulsion will be intense boiling will be emulsion mushrooms there more give such him on small mucus and in conjunction with oil will be emulsion such a mushroom sauce we fill it all barley and I will give a little bit more steaming i barley is good for me now it will be important that some more in the barley absorbed this and cartoon should
  • 12:27: will be brilliant yes and tasty barley only I'm sure you need salted fried onion of course fine here it works and mushrooms with Now of course you still gurgles emulsion will get it here right thick fraction freight enemy i can
  • 12:58: a little bit Mushrooms leave for later on forever here everything is now like this now pearl barley imbue it all the heat is absorbed and right here there was a broth from dry mushrooms i would have a barley It is brewed with the addition of broth still
  • 13:30: it would hurt even stronger yes and now I a little bit about where Liu but I think the Italians should give who when they try offense and in fact everything is ready because she is now well sucked in myself once polina she is good all the fat in myself on hot i'm gonna lay out and how do i lay out now spread already clean white mushrooms
  • 14:02: spacious for ponte up understood underline and here is this slush spills on gatchina 3 cones you like his dacha is poured this emulsion still inside the barley mushrooms we do not mind we i never get tired of repeating that a little bit of essential oil like this clamped it would be fine literally somewhat how horrible the area is like this Kate on on the curb on the slots smelt
  • 14:32: now how I smell you now how I did this give direct whole entire Well now you can try I wanted to say those earrings, but this is a spoon working but she is not pure gray look girl and oil mushroom 20 Mushrooms need to get more of course
  • 15:05: hit now brown now mouth opening burn more then do insanely delicious insane versho that's all there for some bow this the best part of our very crafty hay
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  • 16:37: young man in the frame who and who yes this lazson probably forever bored in the frame citizen someone I thought thats who is like no and for example yes such a fact and who is this person appears but
  • 17:10: everyone called me android herself android I will say this [music] [music]