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  • 00:00: hi there, this is a project another kitchen with by you I was throwing all mine I got used to that Strudel is something juicy sweet and delicious apple for today we will cook cabbage strudel think will more tasty try first take care dough we need 170 grams of flour a pinch of salt 3 tablespoons vegetable oil and 85 milliliters cold water mix flour and salt for to distribute themselves later in dough evenly do a little
  • 00:30: recess add water and vegetable oil here we mix I have enough soft dough here soft dough turned out knead and moment 57 and then remove the side and let him lie while we do stuffing a for the filling, take the bacon 150 grams 3 tablespoons vegetable oil and min one major red onion if big
  • 01:00: half I took two small peppers black cabbage a kilo of parsley such a small bundle and salt cut dice and fry onion until golden color of course in the present authentic German recipe need fry on the table if you have fat feel free to do it all the more so now Scientists have already proven to fry in lard much more useful than vegetable butter 2 bacon chop small
  • 01:31: in chunks send brisket cuck and lightly fry cabbage thin shred as you see brisket left soft not fried I lightly-lightly browned and it only here we add cabbage patrols and fry uncovered look at the cabbage as it was already getting fluffy
  • 02:02: u roasted even fifteen minutes before readiness I'll salt it and add chopped diced pepper as well as cut back did not show so as not to waste time and everything now we are ready to make ready cabbage add to them a little leave for decoration In general, I like very much combinations cumin and cabbage germans just on with me agree that even parsley and black
  • 02:33: pepper mix well and cool the filling is ready dough expressed here great such dough will now roll out for this very richly grease the countertop oiled and first rolled out with a rolling pin that's why just helping yourself pulling the dough into a rectangular layer even rolled out on the gorgeous
  • 03:03: look fine if you don’t I want to do it with my hands gorgeous just a rolling pin the dough becomes thin and transparent even here drawing the table top is already possible see but we still pull the dough me already so thin that start to tear therefore the edges which growing more than once I will remove them and now we lay out our stuffing for decree elegant cool beautiful
  • 03:34: filling my dough left well Probably two thirds here I rolled 1 3 left so I have a little stuffing leave on a little so labor gently roll the dough just bombed very so soft put and elastic and here is the edge of the court once and you closed the lid on 2 drank to but nothing we have no juice
  • 04:05: ran away and neatly shift our strudel because he did not even fit me It will be not quite on a sheet cover our strudel with whipped veins. I added a little more milk to it was golden beautiful sprinkle on top cumin and send in the oven warmed up to 220 degrees bake strudel for about 20 minutes what a beauty that my homeland has cooled off a little i am even
  • 04:38: in the third when she bore a little spirit broke it now make the sauce the sauce is made easy and just sour cream pinch salt and freshly ground black pepper garlic is all mixed and taste find unreal well what am i now start-middle cut to this one leave your broken piece oh well how it all smells my friends are not real
  • 05:09: look beauty we transfer all this business to a small plate a drop of sour cream oh friends I understand how there you attacked on that side of the screen and I understand that you want it all too try immediately here this second sympathize and highly recommend cook so little sauce how should it
  • 05:40: be tasty incredibly tasty strudel turned out just pompous in gorgeous can I had a little more to fry dough add another five minutes so he was crisp but it's all here more add nothing need sauce great he is here so combined here this sour cream with garlic here are friends you hear from me yes I just
  • 06:13: then choking with delight all friends my go feed my family and you help yourself strudel turned out even better than I supposed like this, too for those who doubt about cumin my friends here try once you understand how this combination she makes simple cabbage much much more noble is like that new level and and brings very tasty I recommend cooking necessarily tasty fast easy and cheap what else
  • 06:45: I must have been with you Valeria is a project another kitchen bye [music]