HOW to CONNECT the SNOWFLAKE by the HOOK. The KNITTED ICICLE ON the FIR-TREE the HOOK. || Begin to knit!

HOW to CONNECT the SNOWFLAKE by the HOOK. The KNITTED ICICLE ON the FIR-TREE the HOOK. || Begin to knit!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] welcome you to channel very knit today we have a new Video of the New Year series we'll link here such original snowflakes let's look at them closer here so they It looks very simple It fits really we need to cotton yarn you the best option if You do not want to starch or glue promazyvat
  • 00:30: pva to you it was hard and you're better than cotton to he once many have steamed some form that is this is due from cotton and just gone on and already have in general is beautiful view if you are in further fixing adhesive pva or starch principle can be course of knitting any yarn that you enjoy and so personally I have this yarn vita coco cotton core the color of my white and contrasting colors for
  • 01:00: bows here already all what you will Anything for a vita I take the hook number 2 respectively if theft you have another pick up on the hook recommendations the label let's start quickly tell the principle of this variant I came up with snowflakes they do not own resemble those icicles and more even behind the counter New Year's toys that the Soviet these types of glass how we knit, we knit first you own and sucker then it just
  • 01:30: we bow tie here we can tie any number of essence is that we recruit certain the number of loops which closes in circle with one hand We start provyazyvat columns with sc It can be possible with a single two here columns with one sc around with two columns sc already turned size other number loops here in these elements too It may be different this little icicles me the address 6 columns with sc here are 7 columns with two sc respectively if on the posts here 6
  • 02:00: each stage we reduce the amount 5 t 6 five columns four three two and here one by one and it we get stubby here us and 7 bars double turn but we have longer here We at provyazyvaniya Here are the options I case here gaining 8 loops closed the in a circle and knit 6 three columns air therebetween and 6 columns in Later between here these elements everywhere on provyazyvala three columns here I
  • 02:31: He scored 10 started I tabs out very large kruglyashok you a principle could dial even less when knitting the first from this element I He made between them four air loop and then made 3 that is, in fact, variations can be you need to look different on the yarn as it is go to bed, and there is already can choose how you will be more interesting I'll show you how we are Tie it the little snowflake you I have to understand the principles I think you can tie snowflake any such
  • 03:00: size so let's let's start We start we take our thread hook we do first loop the very first up pattern will we begin with element with the posts and these columns we will assume 6 stuff for them, we must Make a circle with you out of the loop in which have we own all knit to teach that We will have 6 columns
  • 03:30: on the one hand and He marched with centuries on the other hand between them we will do 3 air hinges it turns out that we all you need to dial 12 bars and the need to estimate how the number of loops approach is to have We came here 12 columns with I sc I think we have enough 8 Considering that the loops opening more and there will we future you bow tie and so we recruit chain 8 stitches and closes it in a circle combine 1 loops
  • 04:01: We pick up one thread and do coupling eyelet etc. the resulting circle inside we will administered hook and provyazyvayu columns with nakida we thread the tail of his Now you can keep Here under this here chain we just It fits basic painting it in will continue to we can easily pryadok just Kostik cut and everything is
  • 04:30: do 3 aircraft loops and this is our first column with sc It receives input hook in the middle of a knit 2 3 4 5 6 Next we air make 3 loops and knit 6 again
  • 05:02: columns with sc and so here it is Our up our snowflake knife and icicles on we should turn Here here to begin knitting so
  • 05:30: now we turn around and will connection eyelets back over here and so we can the first loop is not It extends not It has done for a long time clothes immediately begin second we get one two three ie picks here two strings on top of eyelet 4 and 5 and 6, we
  • 06:00: do have under our arch from the loop 3 and Now we start a new row but go on reduction if if here we had 6 columns with sc and Now we will we do five reduce do 3 aircraft loops and knit more four bars with nakida all we Get 5 4 and 5 March aerial loops and more
  • 06:30: here again the same 5 columns with one sc if I'm too fast you log in from deceleration function video can slow down and View more precisely all my movement as 5 and 5 knit unfold again connection eyelets go to Start or rather in the middle of a to shift our
  • 07:01: beginning of the series here at arch and now we it turns out we have to four times knit columns with sc do 3 aircraft loop knit three column 3 air loop and four column
  • 07:42: turn around again connection loop pass under the arch we now have with you will have three column with sc Air elements 3
  • 08:00: loop here we it turns two column, we provyazyvaem total March 3 air and loop 3 column from this sides we unfold It remains here for two times have coupling loop do return gift of Now we have three aerial loops and one column 3
  • 08:30: air loop and 2 column with sc so we launched Now here only 1 junction Collar and back to center and here we are with you finish we Now Make 2 Air sc loop and 1 here is one hook on the half vyvyazyvayut post with sc and 2 loops Now provyazyvaem All together we
  • 09:01: obtained finished our Icicle now we I have cut off the thread and just a course loop and tighten Now on any side, in principle, it we turned two-way, we hide up here here the tail and the tail too Now you can hide under these tabs on to to tie on top of here
  • 09:31: here we bow take some another thread contrast We need some have no brilliant and will dial a chain of loops and then provyazyvat it columns, without sc I'm here for this the size of type in District 70 loops here in Generally all individually if You will icicle so much that better to make a bow more if small bow It can be done make it smaller It looked nice and proportionally
  • 10:00: let I type 75 and and after we after we scored all loops we turned around and We continue with you Knit the other side bars without sc if you icicle get this large size knit something big you can link columns with sc or can even be with two columns nakida such here striped turns the entire length of I
  • 10:30: provyazyvayu and thread crop and I fix to us it is not prevented is such He turned me lasochka bound her to steam to steam our very snowflake icicle and now options on the actually two can be here this Now rope turned into a bow about half like that add up
  • 11:00: it seredinka nice to just tie by midway 2 loops, and we will together both and tying a bow tightens to got it all nicely let a bow you can get it here neatly by stitching it by then guy will already have You good to hang it
  • 11:31: there say if you You do not plan it all coated with adhesive or pva starch that can be Here are just a sew either way can be a drop of glue here and so way already snowflake It will be ready or for example if you You will hang on the Christmas tree same here say thread too in tone make a loop and in time is not sewing and eyelets
  • 12:00: Now here fixing from the bottom tie bow option 2 if you'll definitely it starch or promazyvat adhesive pva so it was tough fixed you can tie a bow right on snowflakes lend to and half say this will we front side we uppermost there knit columns This front side This follows here here we would like
  • 12:30: wrong side here We repeat the same also a bow ie tying without tying otherwise it will be a nodule too thick it is too cumbersome tying a bow it also tightens here than the only difference since we are not tied the bow he node if it shake it it turns sideways indeed we I tied the sides so when you it all coated with adhesive and fix
  • 13:00: accordingly you will attach some form and leave and dry then this bow you have it and he will remain a dinner they have nowhere turn and well that's all we have this I get a nice snowflake icicle bow [music]