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КОЛБАСУ Больше НЕ Покупаю!!! Всего 15 минут и Вкуснейшая Мясная Закуска ГОТОВА !!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello after cooking this snacks you will forget about sausage forever because this snack is not only tastier any sausage but also prepares maximum for 15 minute ingredients chicken thigh one kilogram salt one teaspoon black pepper to taste paprika 1 tea spoon thyme half a teaspoon dry garlic
  • 00:32: half a teaspoon way cooking for such a snack best fit chicken thighs but can also be used with drumsticks meat must be separated from the bones i I use meat with skins but skins can be removed and cooked without them cut meat into arbitrary pieces pepper and add meat to taste 1 a teaspoon of sweet paprika half a teaspoon of thyme and half a teaspoon of dry garlic is good
  • 01:03: mix the spices over the meat we lay out the foil from the top prepared meat on one edge wrap roll foil do not regret you need to pack the meat well so that the juice does not flowed out bake in the oven at 180 degrees on average without convection 80 minutes take out of the oven I put a press on top of my chopping
  • 01:33: board and one kilogram of cereal send in the fridge at six eight hours and better at night as you can see active cooking time leaves at least as a result delicious natural meats which will not leave anyone indifferent what you need for the holiday table take care of yourself and you will are healthy