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  • 00:00: [music] greet you on the channel start licking my name is oceans today's video will be dedicated to crochet and we will learn to knit crocheted crochet Let's use the example of our own hamper with which I will knit I'll tell you the principle of knitting with us when knitting an oval there is a central part which without any increase goes with us and on we have an increase in the regions , that is, we have each edge is like a half circle and
  • 00:32: therefore, the same principle applies here as when knitting a circle when we are in first ranks make an increase in each row then through one loop increment then through two and so on the same principle we will have here and I I suggest you stock up just in case 4 markers to mark for oneself loops that we will have here on edges on the remaining loops respectively we make increases let's start with the fact that we make the first loop and typing let's say we have with you
  • 01:02: There are 10 loops that are in middle, and one loop along the edges of those which we will do it and the increase that is, that 12 5 12 loops are ready now we type with
  • 01:32: you have 3 air lifting loops and this with you will have just one of our The last column do increase nakid and once two three 4 5 loop from the hook we wind our hook and tie the first a column with a crochet and that we have here, we must now be tied up in a row 10
  • 02:03: piles with a crochet hook every time I'm getting under one thread 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 and we still have
  • 02:33: concert is one loop in which we now we will make all the increments that is what do I mean in the first row in our one of these loops we must connect 6 columns with a crochet that we have as once a semicircular form then now I
  • 03:04: I make a crochet and hook a hook in one we sew this loop six times Stakes with crochet once here got hook 2 3 4 5 and 6 all in this loop all the increments we are with you
  • 03:38: done further we are here with you here knit again our 10 columns can be so as not to get confused Here from this side, note our 10 We have a post every two three 4 5 six and Here this column at us just not refers already to the place of increase and Now on the second part we knit 10
  • 04:12: columns with a crochet, so here we are connected with you here here all six and his from here we begin to knit 1 bar further here is how Under the two strings, we set up us so tightly so bottom everything was two but if we let the bag knit to or the bottom of the base for the pins 3 4 5 6
  • 04:42: 7 8 9 and 10 and now we have here with what do you have here 1 2 3
  • 05:23: air loops this is our column already alone ready which we tied in the beginning here here the loop that remains is there where do we still have to connect 5 posts here can be under one thread pick up can be 2 as convenient to give I will make one under one 1 2 3 4 and 5 6 at us these are the three air loops and here
  • 06:01: in the third loop from the top I start the hook and connecting us with you the first row of the oval ours is ready for you to be possible it is more convenient to make increases and not to get confused places where we end with you Here are the 10 straight bars where there is no Increments can be answered by a marker note here I noticed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 here is the second and on the other hand, too the most I can do here is
  • 06:37: such and each marker means that here here the increase and no longer doing but in these places I will make an increase this as I told you and we are here when knitting this part with additions follow the principle of the circle that is now in next row we are in each loop here here each of 6 we will tie two bars together it turns out that our series begins with the last one just loops
  • 07:08: which refers to the semicircle and to it we will tie 2 posts already with a crochet then there is now the first post it is 3 air loops nakid and inserting the hook here we are we sew a column with a crochet with you now we have a section on 10 of our posts where he does not have any We do not just make money each column of the previous row of columns
  • 07:38: with one outfit we reach with you next marker here we are with you there are 5 loops in which we need tie in 2 bars with a crochet here because we are already 2 already The column in one loop is tied and also looping in one loop twice we tie the columns with a cuff in one loop 2
  • 08:11: go to the next 2 the next two so the second row we tied
  • 08:49: all the increases made here are looking for a third loop on top of the air and do connection our second row is ready in the third year we are here as well where we have a section of increases we make knitting double bars that is from one loop 2 columns with a crochete after 1 that is We are in one loop is 2 bars in another 121 and here we have with you in the section which relate to the increase we have
  • 09:21: two loops and just in the first we will do with you two bells with a crochet that is we first we will make an air lifting loop this is our first post we'll hook here we knit a crochet This is our double double our post in The next loop we make single a column even in our streets section of 10 Our posts are straight without any The increments were tied by 10 of these columns
  • 09:52: here we have a marker in the previous row here This loop comes from above in the following row and from the next loop we have the section of the first increases begins we make two columns with a cake in one loop the next loop only one cantilevered column the next loop again 2 next 1 and knit this way our entire section with
  • 10:29: additions are ready to be tied up here at we loop here that she's on top of it already just our 10 posts that are without additions, too, we sew them us our column in the previous series here it is from the top we begin the next loops again we have an increase in the first before you
  • 11:01: logic the next loop one column in next again 2 the next 1 and we fix so the whole section finish one bar here us started just double and do compound Our ed is ready here is our oval all it turns out all beautiful respectively
  • 11:33: when you begin to knit the third row at your beginning here, let's calculate how many loops that refers to the increase is our bar marked here Our post and here we are with you in the section there are already three loops and just that then in the next row we do with you double bars no longer through one loop through 2 that is just the beginning of the series y
  • 12:03: we will have two bars 11 on and on when you start on knit here you'll get to again our section with the additions from you there will be two bars 1 1 2 1 1 and like this continue the next row when we will already need to make double bars through the three loops you will also be here the right amount and the beginning of the series, you again also starts from a double bar
  • 12:34: bind 3 single and here when you will start with double 31 arame double 3 single and thus have We will form your oval let's To mark I take actually that at We got without a marker everything is smooth and beautiful and nowhere anywhere bristles I hope the video was useful to you and useful and I'll see you in the new lessons
  • 13:04: all bye [music] [music]