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Горбуша как семга! Малосольная горбуша. Горбуша соленая под семгу быстрый способ!

Горбуша как семга! Малосольная горбуша. Горбуша соленая под семгу быстрый способ!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] at hello everyone today I will salt salmon this recipe does not only work very tasty but also very similar to the salted salmon will need unnaturally pink salmon itself can be taken whole ate basically bought whole snapped head and gutted already possible to take
  • 00:31: immediately what kind of carcass and sell you can take ready strong that is as you like be sure to take the fish that was in deep freeze and just me lightly need to defrost is not completely simple so that it is convenient for you to cut and also we will need marinade for that we take a liter of water and stain add 5 tablespoons of salt is not usually extradited caste salt itself with
  • 01:01: small knob here is sugar 2 tablespoons and black pepper straight a few peas dissolve everything salt and sugar and leave to cool This marinade we will need in the cold this time while we divide the fish like that along the backbone of a knife
  • 01:31: stick a knife take a long and sharp survived by call just what happened second flash drive the same way
  • 02:09: [music] [music] we remove all the excess here such ribs
  • 02:39: bones cut the strawberries on the edges of the abdomen too your cancer is all not thrown away then
  • 03:10: have it all come in handy you can ear You can also clog the cook just like a beer it will just be very beautiful to me such places are all 2 earrings dragging also Now if you want to fish can be removed from
  • 03:49: there is no skin if you do something long let's say where it's for a holiday on the holiday table and now cut the fillet in small
  • 04:38: pieces by centimeters can be even a little smaller I shift the ribbon and the second carcass
  • 05:14: the carriage is also exactly finished when the marinade is cold not necessarily until you can just cold lukewarm was adding one dining room spoon of brandy I'll tell you right away because there will be questions can be without cognac or not possible without
  • 05:45: cognac but it is the end that gives such peculiar taste such a highlight after which the fish become exactly like the dark I strongly advise if there is no possibility add but do not add as well preferably everything is mixed and poured fish and in this marinade news should swim here for the thickness that i used incision enough 20 minutes
  • 06:19: we take out the fish and give it to her like this to drain pieces are laid out on paper towel we need them a little bit to dry further we need a container any in which you are comfortable to lay
  • 06:56: turnip little you smeared with vegetable oiled I take the usual sunflower is refined to be odorless and stack the pieces now each layer you are the one we did sprinkle vegetable that we have pieces not swam in oil and just were all miss the mark from all sides of the bridge
  • 07:27: here it is not necessary and if you like black pepper I strongly advise you to add it a little here. This is not a mandatory moment but with pepper more delicious next layer lay out this way on each other we coat each layer powdered pepper and put everything missed peppered close the lid
  • 07:57: send in the fridge for about an hour fish is ready to serve it to the table eat this fish well, just like salmon that is, you can just as a snack can be for rolls or for salads please, everything of your choice you can keep such fish in the refrigerator stored in principle quite well well about
  • 08:29: weeks probably exactly if you do some holiday some give certain then its better just freeze not put in the fridge one otsylochku so salted salmon for the price of pink salmon is very tasty and very gentle try it yourself I'm sure you will like everything too thanks bon appetit bye bye