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  • 00:00: sponsor of this video online store mega simka in it you will find a sim card any operator Russia with tariffs which is not commercially available to for example sims with unlimited internet with subscription fees from 240 rubles per month also have similar proposals and calls are generally a lot of interesting rates which is not commercially available from delivery throughout Russia link to online store in description absolute respected channel subscribers from crazy but just casual viewers this video today i will tell you how
  • 00:31: can you watch tv on your smartphone without internet connection not needed at all you will be able to watch digitized essential the channels of your region are perfect for free and for as long as you like battery on smartphone the secret is simple it pattae digit here or kiwi receiver this TV receiver simply put tv phone console it connects to the micro usb type-c connector and you can look on tablet or phone
  • 01:02: TV today we look at this thing let's see how it works how much the channel conditions drove this thing on aliexpress for modest Pomom 14 dollars is a very link to I will leave the purchase of this thing in the description taken within 10 days of sending in General box in this form thank you mail Russia now with this thing you can watch TV where the guru at work in the car in the garage out let's not beat around the bush
  • 01:33: let's see what we are offered in the box here is such a small receiver let's dvb t2 and micro usb connector there is still on sale with others connectors I also leave links here external dumbbell connects in this the compartment is just stored external antennas Here is a more versatile
  • 02:06: telescopic and for bad signal Here is such an antenna with a wire which you can stick on the window and connect the receiver true distance from the window will be limited to the length of this failure but without this antenna TV shows well so connect the antenna connector like this all looks now guys what do we need to do here on
  • 02:38: the box has a qr code if your phone supports decoding these codes then you can Download program having scanned it is much simpler the option to go to google play and type in searching dvb t2 This program is already installed. me on the phone so just open it you see right away jumped out and a warning about what is necessary connect the receiver as it should
  • 03:08: we connect went search channels well here please 3 radio stations caught and 30 channels terrestrial television This is how the first channel shows with a swipe You can switch channels here Russia 1 [music]
  • 03:41: written broadcasting program the fate of a man with Boris Korchevnikov 12 till one o'clock you can include such channel list do not switch this way way here is please friday for example [music] [music]
  • 04:18: markets [music] only svetlana can only be silent and you do not write in the comments what do you think from this addition link on her I will leave in the description thing really useful Internet is not needed to use it
  • 04:48: money does not charge you only need one time to pay for something in the receiver here it looks like this thing we are all guys Please support this video and Like channel subscription to hundreds left completely a little bit of good mood take care of yourself and your loved ones see you soon meeting [music]