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Подшипник в пластиковую трубу | Bearing in a plastic pipe  See details »



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  • 00:00: and now so that he also rotates easily here worth bearing if you are new to our channel be sure to sign up ahead a lot all sorts of different interesting crafts good afternoon friends hello future Subscribers sometimes appear need for bailiff to extrude such a bearing plan here in some plastic form so that he weight held firmly held did not fall out Well, for example, like in this case, here coming back very easy and good because
  • 00:35: what is worth repairing it is born weather vane will be quite interesting in I will definitely show you the following videos how is it made or for example if we take that here will be on the weathercocks for example, put such a propeller with screws to gia and now so that he also rotates easily here stands fallen or for example here there is such knot it is born so to say steadicam for camcorder the camera is still for now Putin
  • 01:06: there are bearings here too here and here and here it rotates easily and simple but especially homemade people who fascinated by this thing but it's all for now still under development fruit step I want to show exactly how I I insert the bearing here it was the shape i cut her so that you were more it is clear what is happening to him here he stood a box of fallen he was already old Now, using his example, I'll show you will be removed there in certain lengths
  • 01:38: what kind of bearing do you need in this case for 20 plastic pipes for this one which will appear 608 diameter bearing with this diameter here it is not about two of the same order millimeters and now i will start it pressed in now set up a soldering iron that for this you must in general come from such a bolt M8 just he enters here okay, well, here I am with the help drills and emery wheel that's all
  • 02:11: grind and cut here for what in order to have a run later when i I will clamp grab here there is no place to not to tear the thread does not crush me then gang I drive to the edge so that when I am screwdriver hold you in me splitting and using in order for it court will catch up but will use here is a device bought some sanitary ware shop
  • 02:43: noise if we don’t have this use ordinary chance which should be a little more bearing so when we start pressing it here so that we have limited in where on reproaches in general I want to say that immediately this case may not work out well these things they are penny failed cut thrown out next start now show how it is Well done here until the soldering iron heats up I'll tell you a little more if you doubt that he is sitting there not entirely reliable well if you allow
  • 03:14: the knot is so serious and the jester needs to he did not jump out now we come here try to draw i'll tell you I will show how to do this one when help perches superglue in general soldering now heated its initial warm up and the court will insert but it is put the ghetto will first stay for one or two millimeter this is the first time to give contour but I'll show it right now do quickly what is she
  • 03:44: cold it's hot it starts fast cools down and the second time we have it adds more thorough a little bit so moved him and make him an outline I mean a seat but Immediately failed now again warm up a little more here is the place already limited here it is already
  • 04:28: already showed a seat well Now we warm up a little longer and some kind of support and we will put him on the bottom so that the puck we lay down tight
  • 04:58: in general, this is the result now let's go stick it up preferably here is the place to degrease where u will Usually degrease the wedge solvent or there is such an anti Silicone with fine we give a little to him
  • 05:28: dry out Well, in general, that's got some capacity ships preferably without lumps and take here such a super glue neatly here here in a circle so that he came here here are the slots I smear with super glue and wait somewhere about two or three seconds lower soda yours turned out first then again
  • 06:08: glue on top the dishes need to be repeated one more time. it is necessary to finish the soda well glue to be and it was at the end of the trial necessarily wait to wash it away degreaser it dried out i dried
  • 06:40: a bit did not wait hurried but then just take a fishing rod than with do not pick a file with a knife processed let's well as with a bite yes I did not wait but if you do, make sure that
  • 07:10: the solvent here is it dried ours to the option turned out normal that's all rotates everything works in general like that so guys if someone helped in something I will be very happy with the power of good bye [music]