Irina Dontsova

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Уроки вышивки. Тамбурный шов крючком.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my name is love and in this video I will tell you about how to perform there is an embroidery with a hook need a thin hook 05 number very thin so that it is easy to pass through the threads of fabric thread is fixed on your part that we do we pierce the fabric hook we pick up the thread pull it out on the front of us formed
  • 00:38: loop is adjustable loop length again we pierce the fabric pick up the working thread pull out I drag the second loop through 1 at us cat again pierce the fabric pick up the thread so we take out
  • 01:08: the way we fill the drawing is necessary such a chain is obtained Thank you for your attention and see you in next videos