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Как сделать петли в рамку Изготовление петли в рамку своими руками Пошаговый мастер-класс по шитью

Как сделать петли в рамку Изготовление петли в рамку своими руками Пошаговый мастер-класс по шитью  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] making a loop in today's frame our topic is because no matter how everyone there is a special machine, I understand that now in the autumn more clothes are already coming on clasp across the width of the floor of the eyes of the nose on the combination centers in front you already have material a Now let's work specifically on that how to make a loop in the frame Natasha will do us and we will see the loop in the frame has another name paid loop but you are all now You see her get ready considering
  • 00:31: that not everyone has a good technique for making loops this is the method which may very well come in handy as as if I also watched a large number loops shows on the internet how make a frame but very complex technologies often and we just love us love just no problem so you we show the simplest method center line in front and pave masonry seam to us do not steam this line and center is not lost because that the loop must have correctly be
  • 01:02: located in relation to the center of the front Here is our fabric points about a piece of what we are now making butts for our loop it needs to be in one of the directions so here is not stretched and glue so laid that she did not stretch along our future obtachek calculation that duplicate now fresh two stripes is ours
  • 01:41: the future facing we take a width of 2 centimeter due to the thickness of the fabric notice Natasha right away folds and essence chew in half but in iron up need very well of course who doesn't trust his hands thinks them that here and so will not be able to immediately lay down
  • 02:13: and irony of course you can sweep in half, studying Natasha unleash in half and here are our two facets for our future Loops ironed must be very OK how many millimeters do you have 5 to 4
  • 02:46: Natasha 4 mm draw here and so You see that she immediately put three lines the middle of the loop here is the middle of the line and the edges how much together centimeter yes well it's like would not depend centimeter important learn to do this from not loop we make fatter others thinner it depends from what fabric and what thickness her but the fact is that you just need to understand the principle of how this is done before the fabric thinner the easier it is to work with her
  • 03:21: we also take our second turnout and now we go we stitch on typewriter
  • 03:55: pay attention natasha again checked all the other teaching lines all inflicted now we are going to sew on a typewriter now natasha begin to spend our birds but no stitch do for our limitation here these bounding line and stitch length small millimeter to take 2 exactly our then did not crumble when we had not yet looped
  • 04:36: machine here we have made these frames how many we had products with these framed loops remove all strings of all dynamite glasses we turn our tails on wrong side on or on the seamy side should be two are absolutely parallel and
  • 05:06: with the same restriction of movement as = and start to climb through the middle start and centimeters short go on checkboxes do not cut a width of 1 millimeter and move one millimeter if not cut will pull if you dress a hole
  • 05:36: like pockets in frame if you practice nothing complicated this is not and now we twist our these rubs all right on the wrong side straighten look what happens with the face
  • 06:10: see here these triangles that y here we are as if there were cut through now we fix them with cards this the triangle that we cut Now you need to attach it to cards pristrochit but should be very smooth the fabric itself is lined now we are this stranger you'll see ironed our loop
  • 06:40: first easy shrinkage merge from the inside and when it's all right no folds are not formed, too, can and stronger iron flat and even better don't do this check enters our see here you see how well they took a couple millimeters longer than our here is this a little button she is very good to us and enters from the inside out ironed here look around the loop here is such
  • 07:17: rough due to the fact that our these double tuck fabric plump now natasha will cut all the excess we remove all excess excess delete here you see you need lift and lower layer a little carve bottom layer of beading be careful 6 can't get so rough imagine weiss coarse fabrics will loop and temporarily from the port and will do
  • 07:47: of course from skin to do there is its nuances but maybe someday you and show how to make a leather loop Natasha's soul is very good to do with us leather hinges are natural too Well, look at our little loops with face ready left to us of us purl work now natashenka circle finds our loop in such
  • 08:20: circle so that nothing slid down and we are not mistaken and only then we will knit the bottom of the selection a little further so not to the very edge this in order for us there all this not walked while working then you can knit the bottom of that spoil everything like this op metal and now we put markup what do we need from the inside out
  • 08:51: cut very carefully you need to mark now our drove the place where we will now to knit the inside of the selection and the center of the loop is clear in the middle of ours we cut through this mark middle and without reaching our cuts
  • 09:27: go in the corner seen yes and now Natasha is all this right inside note that it's very good now these are ours
  • 09:58: cut pieces what we drive through you need to set it back inside the edge of the loop you can not sweep if it will be good stews can not be tied immediately sew manually here this moment how are you attentive and Natasha how would I have it for sure it will work without vymyatyvaniya this bend we who fail to sweep and for ironed the two sides of the loop now she
  • 10:44: will sew by hand to sew them already strengthen and then the other two sides of ironing and will not always fix it turns out immediately iron all four parties in a secret passage the seam is located exactly on the machine line what we do is put one and the same
  • 11:16: same place everything should get notice natasha very carefully bends here these loans cut our corner and then sew them up by hand and so all four sides are absolutely ready our loop from the inside out merge with the inside out
  • 11:46: yes you need to press it when press a little bit it will be better This is how our loop looks like so it looks from the inside out very comfortable comfortable is that option that never such a loop never crumbles damage as a very tight loop it is convenient who has no loop machine This is absolutely like saying big
  • 12:17: help such technology and who has a special machine all anyway you need to be able to make loops in the frame will be a variety of different on forces and yourself on a day to day we were all good spider countries mihailovna Natasha and Plum Alexey [music]