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Как сшить накладной карман на подкладке своими руками Мастер-класс по пошиву накладного кармана

Как сшить накладной карман на подкладке своими руками Мастер-класс по пошиву накладного кармана  See details »

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  • 00:00: we have an almost ready jacket for carolina we have it with you meaning modeled the least on the corolla tavern and here he is almost ready but we need here here two pockets here and so pocket we will have such a here pocket in size so that the child even anything could go a little something shove the handle a little bit like this razmerchik rather big now we will you show how to make a patch pocket on a pad turn out handle and connect in our jacket
  • 00:31: Now Natasha will work and I will telling our you tern pocket we put it on the fabric we show you the simplest technology Of course you can be so confused and so hard to make a pocket on a lining but I no matter how you want it and even show we show you the simplest technology and three centimeters added in order to be such
  • 01:01: pocket inside width pocket here he is with half centimeters mine pocket height 9 but did you take such a pocket you want now natasha cut out pocket and we will show you all the technology making again repeat show we cut out the simplest technology on a shevchik Natasha adds immediately immediately see
  • 01:33: Natasha with fresh right separately or separately but after cutting the pocket now we will fold it in half and so that these lines were absolutely identical left-left let's take a look that's absolutely identical here it is be sure to check here so that was not such that one corner of another such
  • 02:03: Bend our pocket here on top laying about the masonry seam and learn everywhere where the line should be noted lay the masonry joint laid about masonry seam prepared glue material where we have it yes, we will duplicate the vershinka this pocket and immediately cut the lining pocket of main fabric like our jacket little
  • 02:33: lining of cambric of course you can take lining fabric but it will very rude that's so slippery slender nice bat stick we take it 's as if you don't want to overlap this pocket do it without lining because what else is there inside this overlock all this is not very good now we go I will teach the fat table will show that do further duplicate cool material finest curved material
  • 03:04: not rude here is ours this decoction about tecna pockets see yes so here for so that the edge has a good shape and ironing iron on our padding eyelet but now of course on camera we will make one pocket and then behind the camera make the second hour go to the machine lining and pocket folded to face here and here face to face and pins between them but three centimeters three and a half to this is the distance
  • 03:35: which we will not sew this hole for turning it then will be stitched by hand we will give you everything show face to face we trim to pins and from pins 600 we show the seam attaching 07 as i mean or pocket with lined but left here now the distance did not ask for it turning out now turn away irony go to the board that's it
  • 04:05: iron edge show well is the hole that us it turned out to iron this shock that we Here stitched podkladochka topped it the bottom approach to we will now cut off here see us what hole happened here we go cut off the excess with pricked you so pins so that we have did not move and cut off the excess lining now look good what at this stage we have everything right
  • 04:39: yes right left everything is identical well be sure to do these checks and now we folded only the lining here here in the lining then we checked the whole pocket hour lining this in order to us a little bit to reduce our lining but a millimeter at least two for rolling seam a little bit Natasha cashis reduce cut corners where the lining connects with the pocket
  • 05:15: Now these little corners that cut off then not there were no rude moments there all now we are banging face to face we cut corners here look here they are yes here they are now Natasha shear off and dock on the stitch seam 07 look like this pocket and now here we put on On the light bulb, we will do the whole in a circle except the top fold however
  • 05:46: paw the whole pocket in a circle with lining seems to be well there to do lined pocket but if you don't know how to do it the same w but it must all be done will be tech see how neat little small
  • 06:18: spacing around the circle stitch natasha so that there is no where the needle drove from our desired lines start getting off the corners pay attention here is our our cast surplus remove further slightly reduce the total weight angles surplus and of course he's not like this
  • 06:49: will turn out as he is now here to eat him we must of course reduce our seam here what mouse or leave per millimeter 4 cut in a circle all the surplus but here's where rounding us a little light notches a little bit to us there is an inner seam did not delay if of course it would be Coat fabric something more
  • 07:21: rough cloth or something do not cutoffs and cut such triangles are small but someday we'll get to it now turn out the pocket here in this our fool where we have a lining with with a pocket we turn our whole pocket Carolyn glasses will pockets Now Natasha is everywhere and rules you will show my sweeping away from these
  • 07:52: Here are the little corners very neat with a needle but, too, can not pull out that such elongated and not out were Well, now we start sweeping small stitches sweeps very neatly fingers very well Straighten any storage features so as not to
  • 08:23: remained and so the whole hood armanchik circle needs sweep our swept out and pocket like this he looks off his face like that our hole we sew manually again we fold left-right
  • 08:53: now see once again check it is necessary because that suddenly something happened in our sewing time or perfecting matches get out go ironing iron out our pocket thread in color sew up this our hole through which we turned out the pocket by hand and so always when you contact
  • 09:24: lined pockets this place is always hand here on the machine does not come but not so difficult three and a half there centimeter or 400 it will be big pocket for sew by hand but what beautiful work turns out we pin our pocket for our product now before pick up if grabbing best of all then it can be here
  • 09:56: grab a little on manually on bartacks a little bit and you can and so here still there will be button loops they will keep now by no means sew this is a rough selection now we spend our pocket jacket one millimeter our pocket sew to our jacket i.e. this is called topstitch pocket see us pocketed on
  • 10:37: one millimeter and corners diagonally still so fix to be stronger and not come off well Here are the fixed corners give such a good product style like this our pocket looks like this from wrong side all neatly and neatly our show and here are our zhaketik pick up here is our little bird on the back is small
  • 11:09: I work our baby here very good thing how he looks good pocket on imagine lining overlock here was downstairs and he would be here with the ironing here would be all going to be impossible patch pockets try to do it on the lining on this we say goodbye to me to be varied we and our children
  • 11:39: our grandchildren are all our friends so that we could not only ourselves so do bruce very glad that today showed you this pocket all the best with you were we take turns Mikhailovna Natasha is there any former Alexey