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Как пришить изнутри накладной карман

Как пришить изнутри накладной карман  See details »

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  • 00:00: and so to process our pocket we We cut out the upper part and the pocket from lining fabric is our top pocket stolen in the form that we conceived on top of 4 centimeters and centimeters on
  • 00:30: obtachek also we will find under the pocket of lining material see how to cut out where to then here if we processed just on lowercase that pocket, we would connect it now here's a place to give a lining you returned to clean then they scribbled like we pocket will be sewn on the inside then the sequence of actions changes and generally processing technology we we cut out grab in such a way that he
  • 01:01: yes we have this shevch passes just that is if we put that it would look like here and so on, too, we do podgibku but I laid 4 3-4 centimeters quite enough to cut out and iron without pocket we have duplicated in order so that there is a stable form is the same iron now what we need to do now we need to turn around a pocket with
  • 01:31: lined by folding their faces our centimeter seam when This lining look a little just by 0 2 0 3 centimeters throughout the flight less than the top pocket that is top pocket us a little bar hovers and now i'm going to typewriter and from this the point I'll scribble on the front side centimeter seam
  • 02:04: we grind the pocket and then turn it over here about the beginning we our pocket now we need to turn out and we need to sweep edging on 01 in order to well iron up here we do it like that we hide there
  • 02:36: somehow we will be treated duma tick I will be able to sweep the computer straight buttonhole oblique to better kept so that we have formed and such a edging even here I am like that this is a light drop on my 0 2 edge and so we can do it all around
  • 03:07: go to the iron and iron very good for 100 him them our form because then we have to remove this with the label and already then we will impose on the main part which will be sew on pocket so this is she must be very well stagnant well here this our cantik go through and go science sprees so we swept out the piping well
  • 03:39: stood up to complete drying and I removed what she said has now spoken with a label when ironing remained then we have it remove when already on the finished product We will still ferry vparivat pocket here so here we look here this here then we will almost have so much pocket ready now we impose it on main details so this is our main shelf detail and intended location
  • 04:10: pocket locations we take our pocket and exactly put the point where we will not be ranks for location Immediately I want to say that under all there where it should be located pocket completely place the pocket completely duplicated bottom and even a little more respectively top to comically
  • 04:41: below so that we have a line inside of our duplicated plot in your pocket kept on and now we straighten and impose the place that we have identified for our pockets and now needles neatly pierce we can remove this well that she will not enter our line
  • 05:14: we pin him so very neatly then after we have fun we are once again about the world distance from side seam distance from the middle of the product from the pick and bottom and Respectively death them this distance with my first pockets have my first pocket already otshit so I will definitely with him
  • 05:44: compare when you sew 1 and then everything these 2 must be the entire symmetry of the details very clearly and check several times so we pin here after we all leveled everything measured put pinned needle we turned off our hem we don't need it see what we start doing we
  • 06:16: we begin to sew a pocket with uterine stitches over the edge that is, we take the main part and we take on the side here and so pocket for that to sew on that is, from this point to not grab the pad that is not if We imposed our pocket, we have the top pierce and we take this one god because then the lines will be from the inside
  • 06:47: lay between the main pockets and lining the seam grinding our pockets and like this grabbing the main detail and pocket we quite often the more often go and tight world measure tight so he was right with us pockets so that he did not move because we will go under our pocket sew here with such stitches
  • 07:21: and so around we go to our point flexible crown we came our pocket vkrugovuyu very accurately fix and now we go with you to the sewing machine we open the pocket turn down the allowance for pockets side and start exactly with here
  • 08:01: this point where we have man making we tackle the machine line seam turning pockets with pocket on either 01 afford and so under lazy neatly in a circle around circle we sew the whole pocket here look removed under the bench forging
  • 08:32: where we should start stitch our pocket to again. at we are not gone I pin with a needle so Of course there inconvenience can be traced when we combine such feed, our main details are much easier just stitch but this pocket has the same their your interesting look and here in it the coat I have no finishing lines
  • 09:03: no where that is not podborta not on the collar so here is the pocket me too conceived here such here's all I needle put in place and now am bringing under shop bun helps me again keep the needle going over the bun and start the line stitch width such stitch on the one hand, it cannot be shallow because
  • 09:33: which is thick enough for me but strongly on long not either because I want my pocket to hold on for a long time now we have already started the seam grinding pockets with pocket kai and we quietly don't hurrying pushing the centimeter behind centimeter marked good luck around going on next to the line good luck to you constantly pushing and and
  • 10:05: look and main details so that she does not going inside and joining in if we well done the preliminary pocket connection ta ta line enough holds a pocket so we stop it right on the turn of course us we pass here very carefully
  • 10:43: but no less show of course it difficult to remove because literally here window in which we see where we are need to run chips through neva we This is not done in any way when here is our pocket bargain here the strings pulled out tied up and
  • 11:16: clipped never prune if it's with underside closes all under the most necessarily 23 centimeters there is a guarantee that the knot is not so fast bloom carry then we are going wear this pocket put it something use so it will carry functional and so now we clean very neat here auxiliary thread which we attached our pocket for the fact that she stitched so she
  • 11:46: fulfilled his task now to us it remains only to hem all secret what we have left open for this we turn up and turn over your pocket yourself this way in order to my could discover that I am here offer do we refueled our lining that is, we need it now
  • 12:20: secret sew up and then we sew pad and just as close here so she stays processed neat handsome as needles and buns pin to
  • 12:51: see originally that we have nowhere Nothing pulls necessarily so here also myself I try to deploy as much as possible so that you can see what I 'm doing there is now we will support this chevchik here's a bit of 01 here and close our the lining is not difficult for us
  • 13:28: to be smooth and beautiful we strive for clean residents to thing when ate to understand that she sewed cool all we chained deployed looked every day I live not pulling and now we take a needle with thread in color is already our main
  • 14:00: material and start to sew hiding tip and That's the way we have it under pocket yes and so we can fine pick up here well enough pulling up the thread so that we all have closed
  • 14:30: we close everything here so clean in this way i'm learning strengthen here because maximum when worn and now go on the connection we connect thin secret stitches so that our studies are almost invisible
  • 15:00: cope and this way well, and so we pass everything and close this side well, that in the end our pocket is ready here for us It turned out there are no lines all we have add on the inside it looks so
  • 15:32: a little bit of volume respectively Of course we still have him from the guy but how beautiful we are clean inside there is no shevchik and all processed all the best of luck still these with pleasure