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Modeling and tailoring of a female jacket in Chanel Novy's style of video a course on sewing from Irina Paukshte

Modeling and tailoring of a female jacket in Chanel Novy's style of video a course on sewing from Irina Paukshte  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Today I want to introduce you to our new course modeling and tailoring female jacket lined in the style of Chanel [music] [music] here is exactly this jacket we sewed
  • 00:35: on camera showing absolutely everything technological nodes are tiny such lined pockets processing all knots on the lining making tapes and connections are ready to jacket with tape in In general, we will show you everything Absolutely everything is completely this jackie text devoid can be worn under such a flower You have already seen the video how to make flower admin this flower we made and also bestsv. just like that cardigan ordinary wide sleeve from extreme tank here we have the popliteal
  • 01:07: daddy from the tank here's a part tuck due to the fact that the product is butt how would there be no problems clasps but here is the same cat very good and wear in the plow if down will be top in blonde dressed silk then jacket like that plowing is also very She wears well but for now she has a topic there is no i want you to see him buttoned looks what you saw what a good fit [music] [music]
  • 01:45: [music] and now we take off shirts here suit
  • 02:17: and come show how he looks inside our course consists of several block modeling nesting duplication with curved materials dexterity with a label and fitting and then unwinding then making changes then under the trim of the lined fit build the foundations lining assembly blank sleeves and so slowly come the finished product is ready for this product as we have seen how he sits smartly on Ali
  • 02:47: despite the fact that it is there the thinnest adhesive materials He's a very myagonky is such his form is very soft I want to did you notice our 2 seam on sleeves have a very good shape here elbow bend here is beautiful beautiful if hang it on a mannequin it is like this will hang from the elbow very well was stranger because right comes from hard elbow proper drying of the front seam sleeves are very technological procured lining never lined with such technology problems never happen that
  • 03:18: the lining falls out of the sleeve and never more lining delays everything is absolutely done theme the sleeve blanks are very elegant here shown absolutely identical matches up lined right here is the hem is not for the right freedom here laid to us never had that lining pulls but minimum and not make it here was going to [music] purchase our course modeling and
  • 04:18: tailoring women's jacket in the style of Chanel of course it's not only for this course you This model will send the jacket different models chanel you will sew the main thing so that you knew the technology thank you for subscribing to us our channel get our course hope you will like it because courses done here and so know with the soul and such a lucky jacket turned out so concise well seated therefore sure that you will enjoy the bush Good with you were we spider arrows
  • 04:48: Michael and our whole team [music]