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Песочный торт с сухофруктами и орехами/Sandwich cake with dried fruits and nuts  See details »



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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends today we will prepare delicious sand cake with dried fruits and nuts for the cakes we need 4 yolks 200 grams of sugar 150 grams of butter oils softened room temperature 60 grams of sour cream here we will add 1 a teaspoon of soda and 340 grams of flour and sifted flour may need a little
  • 00:30: more or a little less when kneading dough will look at its consistency for a start we grind yolks with sugar [music] add butter, beat everything until uniform [music] here we send sour cream
  • 01:05: [music] at the end add flour mix first the whole spatula and then we will knead [music] the dough is very soft and tender and
  • 01:38: practically does not stick to hands now we need to wrap it in the food film and put in the fridge for half an hour after this time the dough
  • 02:12: becomes denser we need to roll it into a sausage and divided into 6 identical parts one ball we leave for rolling the rest is covered with cling film and put in the fridge we will get them alternately as baking the previous cake 2-3 dough rolls millimeter
  • 02:42: so that the process goes faster and easier to do this between two sheets parchment paper [music] [music] cut a circle with a diameter of 18 centimeters we remove all the excess fork and send bake at 180 degrees around 7 8 minutes ready-made cake a little ruddy
  • 03:14: spring when pressed and easily leaves the parchment the same way we bake all the shortcakes and while they cool prepare the stuffing I'll use dried cranberries raisins prunes and dried apricots and walnuts fry nuts cut into small pieces of dried fruits pour boiling water on 10 15 minutes then drain
  • 03:46: dry well and fruit raisins and cranberries leave as it is prunes and dried apricots finely chopped for the cream combine 300 grams softened butter and 70 grams of powdered sugar whip to the pomp and lighter I add 700 grams of sour cream, beat in lush air cream to
  • 04:19: the cream turned out very tasty and not exfoliated and sour cream and butter must be originally delicious themselves by I have sour cream 20% butter 80 2 and 5 percent fat products must be we share the same room temperature cream in five equal parts and add to dried fruits and nuts mix
  • 04:55: [music] collect cake alternating cakes and different fillings better to collect in high sliding ring in order for it to turn out even and the result is not parted we clean at night for impregnation and on enjoy the next day the most delicious shortcake garzhi cake
  • 05:25: perfectly soaked in cream cake It turns out very soft gentle measure wet cook with pleasure please your loved ones and see you soon until