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ФУРШЕТНЫЙ ТОРТ.Диетические закуски.Новогодние рецепты 2019  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today we will prepare a buffet cake it is perfect as a snack for this recipe we need sauce from the avocado that we were cooking in the previous video I will leave you a link to this recipe but if you are this dream you won't make it easy then add more cottage cheese or y other sauce use of pita cut sheets on the shape of the cake further grate boiled on a fine grater
  • 00:34: eggs cut cucumber and will begin collect our cake we smear pita curd cheese well distribute and sprinkle with grated egg [music] top lay another layer of pita we smear curd cheese turn over this layer
  • 01:04: and then lay out the avocado sauce add cucumbers [music] cover with another layer of pita then add avocado sauce and sprinkle with grated egg again lay out the pita bread curd cheese further add the fish lay out so layer by layer until the ingredients are not
  • 01:36: will end [music] on each side we cover the cake with sauce avocado and on top we spread cottage cheese cheese wipe the plate with a napkin dry the remaining lavash pan to make baby for
  • 02:06: sprinkles on top cover the cake pita bread and also add the grated egg I cut the cake in four pieces on you can make even smaller pieces because he gets enough hearty but I would like you to wrote your favorite New Year recipes In comments with you was Catherine Sokolovskaya see you all very soon until [music]