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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners, you ask how net tomatoes we already had video clips old in this apparently they either can not find either just still want us still talked about it do not know there is something tell a very big plus sometime mata is grown without picking exactly
  • 00:32: as well as peppers and eggplants moreover if you grow tomatoes late dates this is somewhere a march the end even march the beginning of april am not Tomatoes can be exactly at such times grow them in April or rather February excel then without picks are a great help because we save plant time not getting developmental delays exactly what he doesn't have a transplant now i'll show you how
  • 01:02: sow precisely without kirovke look preliminary soak the seeds in this case I'm glad soaked in phytosporin solution here please Pete phytosporin it is tomatoes I have here look see i already open and I have it here you can soak violinist their other drugs and drug bud for example there are other stimulants and energy please but what is good phytosporin he not only give stimulation
  • 01:34: growth but also protects our plants from diseases that is, he disinfection spend it is the seeds themselves that is precisely this big plus phytosporin means rinse with phytosporin after soaking not necessary and can be immediately in the same rags leave before germination actually I have germination already happened my ears seeds have slipped you look at what stage must have these seeds to their
  • 02:04: lay out a chum oh chick just bite but not to miss this moment you need to look into these their jars twice a day, two times dear friends because tomatoes possess such property they are very very be start to grow when exactly happened here is this spitting this seed and if the spine only you grow very big big
  • 02:35: the likelihood of having it just plain smash when you plant now what land to use for your tomatoes well, I take a universal ground there are firms fart so I use it there and other good companies what property exactly this soil should have it really must be so loose and here very often comes across a game like so completely homogeneous canvas and homogeneous particles he is
  • 03:05: black as a torus or as a good land they say I prefer more choose such a ground where large all the same, the factions are amenable and here I am Now I will show this quality very and when you choose not I advise you to take immediately a large package from if you don't know each other but take little yes and then already you if you You will like it and so on also buy a little gloves for flour
  • 03:36: sweaty hands in such sharpen the second time it already put on complicated here you see yes all still there are quite large particles come across and here may be somewhere not rotted still some remnants are So this is a good primer yet I will she said that I would find now here is vermiculite always add it to improve properties of the soil are not very pleasant and just just need to stir
  • 04:08: I also talked about what you can improve soil properties and at the same time decontaminate by adding fungicide this for cladin is 3 qing and But if you have such a soil stand for a while in a wet able to be perfect for doctor not any time yet it is offered in such soil for tomatoes add biohumus or some humus dear friends here it is for tomatoes I do not advise doing this
  • 04:38: why because they are very fast grow just very fast and because of this they very often pull out that is when overly fertile soil growth energy they have colossal and if not yet light enough here and going to pull so here fertility soil does not have particular significance is to become the early their cultivation and maybe for tomatoes and full cycle of growing seedlings then in the greenhouse you can
  • 05:09: adjust dressing but for now it stands on windowsill why do we need this excessive growth But with eggplants and peppers in a different way. they need more fertile soil they like to eat more than formats so now it means in the usual way we Fall asleep in the tank growing it out of the picks and very It’s convenient to use such tapes so small quite literally four
  • 05:40: by five centimeters here and thanks to that here we have a lot of them here 9 Immediately plants we will be very comfortable to catch plants can be placed like this way it's all poured in here nothing I have absolutely no difficulty We do not compacted the soil on purpose because what then will be
  • 06:10: the plant's end piece tsem pour land pour out the land like this the rain knife I say that's poured zemelku this is our tip so we can proceed take this toothpick can take this some kind of pincer if someone good manicure just pick up literally your when dots yes here
  • 06:42: please and but every one here is this cell We are already spreading about spitting seeds and the fact that they are cursed to us gives a guarantee that from each this seed in each one of this tank will have seedlings that's what means to grow without picking I try a little bit there all the same to grating down this put here is the second portion
  • 07:13: I'll be seated when I have other seeds will see them see somehow I don't care about baths they are early and here from these should you get the most powerful plants so I also have it here , and more can be said by the way if still you save space and you have a place under the lamp is not enough yes here
  • 07:44: such cells can even two put yes and then this encoding hold if you save space but here I repeat that without picks growing is very profitable because so here 2 even picked up now I will remove one glued a little bit these are my seeds my own which I did maybe they are not thoroughly washed here
  • 08:16: so here climb here we laid out the seed children I will put the other cheek and look literally a little bit a little bit we are here soils soil from above let's put a little why not leave on the surface well firstly First there is a danger that our 7 are with you dry up yes our here these are about your
  • 08:46: already seeds and secondly when our the grains will pass through the layer soil there will be a cap here this one with her the seed will be shot if we are too finely plant our seeds here they are with this hat it turns out well, all such a little bit of depths now strait first why me here is quite moist because as I told you obviously sat
  • 09:16: here for claudine and for me this mushroom multiplied here should very to be wet but water is still necessary than i will water again i will use phytosporin to protect our plants from all sorts and fungal diseases, that's all ask how much to take this drug that's half a liter i'm taking that much that is, it is about half a teaspoon
  • 09:48: spoon me coffee so don't be afraid that this will be some kind of overdose with biological drugs is not scary here first a small amount magically on let's stir it up and then you do it all still added here and up to half a liter we add here it is recommended these
  • 10:18: two biological origami drugs for Claudine and phytosporin alternate between they must be at least a week right here for me It turned out that I have this land stood somewhere for a week or more look laden and now i can apply this sparring at least This is exactly what the manufacturer recommends . and or you use only one
  • 10:49: some drug or phytosporin either cleo clodin and simultaneously here them apply ie we are here now put say pills and now watered it coaxed better than this to do it because these are our useful microorganisms they can compete with each other and it may even be and therapeutic here is this prophylactic the effect will be reduced but in any case I'm on my practice here so apply
  • 11:20: ie alternating these drugs seem to everything seems to be alright in this way we shed see lands of kaunas village a little bit and it's even good because when they grow up our already seedlings we can then with you more a little sprinkle earthlings to them to I also did the crust formed so slightly dry lands you literally tuck like this
  • 11:50: here either if you have vermiculite then here do it vermiculite stunning this drug before him it was hard to find on sale now he's in abundance is already for sale and here with it never-never crust on the surface you won't be like this you all this to this and then go please visit our website I 'll tell you how to care for
  • 12:20: tomatoes so that they, too, below Raval there were such questions that now stand a little not trees such a huge payment wed on they are few Well, dear friends, sowing with us happened today with you on March 15 and literally I will be with you observe how ours develops what seedlings will we grow together with you and feed her that is if you do everything together
  • 12:50: with our website please come with us further will be rollers how to care for our are similar