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Airy dress hook. Round motive

Airy dress hook. Round motive  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon my dear knit lovers Today we have with you such a motive and we will talk to you about the board which Now we have on the screen dress fits with such motive connected between myself and another little boy with us with you there is an example of how we should spread out our motives we have you one scheme we have a small motive scheme we still have with you so here we have another
  • 00:32: more detailed motives like us them we connect everything very well here told and shown we have with you how do you see the neck in half us motive and also so how would this little motive a little bit dovazyan and this is our framed golovin this on combination of motives and what else is most interesting about this dress as you see, here we are
  • 01:04: laid out see our motives connected their size but dresses flared flared to the bottom now he is again on screen look girl really thin very slim let's say and here we have an example as we make out for you see here here and here it is shown what here we are starting to knit here
  • 01:38: this half here is more accurate not even half a gallop mesh that one allows us to expand with you see mesh of course here all this we will have in VKontakte and google pluses in my on my google plus account for Ukraine In contacts this is for Russia you can who liked you can
  • 02:08: print yourself and tie such a dress here everything is shown in great detail and told now we'll talk about motive the motive is very simple very this I tied it was with black that I wanted to see how It looks exactly with black yarn us iris Well, if we look at the board, then the dress of course looks easier more graceful more air certainly can knit from this thread but I want
  • 02:41: try to tie here with this yarn what kind of yarn I do not know it so much I like it, I connected it with this napkin you know she just looks simple that's such a beautiful thread it also says that the thread are very important if of course there would be such a yarn
  • 03:12: a sufficient amount then tie the dress of them would just be just very nice and see here let's go Now let's talk to you about the scheme here you have the scheme and here we have 24 the column according to the scheme is shown a column with one nakida I also made two crochets I visited with one I did not like him somehow very so somehow looks askance
  • 03:44: so it is more like a volume and beautiful you we will connect with you i will connect with two nakida you can consider this option with either one or two next we knit with you the whole motive connection here immediately want to say on extremely simple we connect through here are two arches miss if - the motives are skipped on here one
  • 04:18: a couple again 2 1 crustaceans and this motive we connect see a small motive my, too, we analyze it connected to the arch with one and the connection let's move a little watch you to be more visible little tune I won't knit everything four elements I will connect one of see here this one is small and we are kimki consider how to connect them these small arches with one fan big
  • 04:50: Arochka already as if confused we spheres small 5 here with a fan see a the big ones are already connected like Of motives this spheres and these embarrassed the everything is very simple and so who does not interesting let's link her alive now performativ join I tied 12k air loops
  • 05:22: who wants to can knit a sliding loop and then tighten this extra straight then extra time to hide us a string I see 12 loops I lock them in a ring The thread as you see is very thin hook one this thread name I do not know its dimension too knit I see four air loop there are two nakida I
  • 05:54: told me that I wanted to associate with you can knit with two knitwear one 2 nakida and this little ring is grabbing my little tail with you 24 my case with two naquids [music] so 24 columns of mine are ready and connecting 100 as a fourth lifting loop I
  • 06:24: connect here I got this ring can be made not 12 can make 11 then they will be more more tightly you pick me here done 12 and looks more tightly here somehow it would be desirable do or ten or eleven so on see how to show practice that yarn also matters further let's let's see what we will knit here
  • 06:55: we have connected at this point now we need to make here such fans we have them with 12 columns 24 here we are with you 24 therefore every two columns we are covered here these here it is 1 an eyelet is like a petal say so here each this petal occupies 2 2 columns
  • 07:26: what are we doing for example i turn here made one air loop and turn here in this column then I do a cape and next column I knit three columns with one crochet 1 column in the same loop the second in the same loop and the third column
  • 07:56: I do a nakid next to me I crochet the cap with a cap and in the same loop knit 2 double crochet you are standing next to one single loop nakidom and we have three
  • 08:26: 2 and 3 nakida in the standing loop with a cape it is like we are watching finish here this petal a the next half-cubbyc we you are starting a new petal next loop to the next standing again
  • 08:59: three columns so we are tying you column by column we must have them be twelve so look at us 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 we have left polustubik that is, we go into that where did you all go out with and we have completed the series now we ourselves connecting columns we pass on
  • 09:31: the tip of our own this one petals that is to the center to the sides binder posts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 here look at us remember here you there was a 3 column from begin to central column and knit a single crochet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 center posts signs so we
  • 10:01: knit with you all our arches the arches all got us stuck last arch we need to be in center of this arch we knit 1 2 3 do 2 nakida and into that. where did you go stick a hook and knit 4 5 6 here 7 to 7 here we are in the center now
  • 10:32: look here from this point we are with you should tie 123 and go to this point is desirable knit straight already with a loop we knit one column and one more column here so here one more column 1 air loop and we
  • 11:03: knit with you three more columns 1 2 and 3 Look at the very top of our arches we have such a set of columns 3 single crochet 1 air
  • 11:35: loop and three more capes and here us you remember with you 7 loops to 123 and here in the fourth that is like in I did not try the central gift I liked it and here you need to try grab two strings so that they since they were not stratified and we knit with you one column here 2 3 1 air loop and three more columns
  • 12:10: this is our last row of our motive and as I said May with you in two these ones Arches from 1 air loop with us connection occurs how could we be with you like this here to connect how to connect I have already shown a lot time for 3 in the fourth is desirable for these two strings to seize and knit
  • 12:41: so this motive is clear to you like a visa yes and now i'm done we let's see and make a little match like this here is my round motive you can compare I have so many strings here this iris is connected it more choose what thread you need more
  • 13:12: better apply now wanna say by about the halves she participates in our dress so you knit is permissible completely circle of 10 there 10 11 12 air loops and knit not 24 and 12 and swivel knitting swivel knitting you will tie your mate for 12 such here petals now look now let's talk about how we tie this one
  • 13:44: small motif that connects all our circles this one is here with you four air loops and then we are with you 1 air loop and 1 1 air loop 1 2 3 4 closes the ring further, see us goes one two three 4 5 3 nakida and into this
  • 14:16: little ring we knit a column with three nakida 1 2 3 slightly and on there missed four one two three four five and go down we fix in our rings with a column
  • 14:47: without nakida there is now 123 single crochet 1 nap and knit one crochet post 1 2 1 2 3 drop down and knit with you a column without sc as I said but in these moments yes when we are on
  • 15:20: vershinka we have a connection now five one two three 4 5 3 nakida in ring column 12 one two three four one two three four
  • 15:50: five in a ring a column without nakida such here ringlets we should turn out see big loop small 1 2 3 Ie 4 such set that will allow us to connect with all four motives so here so our
  • 16:20: small item see one two three four we have set but in this way us connected here we have shown in the diagram you can see short we connect with these measures separate connect where two moments are connected two elements here perhaps all that I wanted you to today show and tell dresses on
  • 16:51: really I should have got just chic yarn question yes and your desires and your creativity Pan times you video like subscribe to the channel and you success and see you soon meeting