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  • 00:00: hello my dear viewers today I want to review the order which yesterday took what I got right here I will with this heap shifts the other with this side 35 nantucket pick it up clutch for his hands code 1829 beauty cafe
  • 00:30: lemon monpasier smells awesome here this is my flavor and Uzbeks cafe on my love words and even ordered here is the soap its code 2138 This is from a series about hands liquid soap. moisturizing softening with aloe vera allantoin and neckline him she is very good in composition very well
  • 01:02: take care of my hands and me one client suggested that she like this soap divorce with shower gels in half and it turns out Very well, I think I also pushed get a good amount and here are some more actually I bought here the fact I wish from series journey Turkish Riviera shower gel my loved by the smell of the sea and pine needles and from 2 bought
  • 01:32: The code for this gel is 8460 for what pretty little bubbles are beautiful there they have a drawing on the back wall very beautifully decorated aroma awesome but my favorite here is this Turkish Riviera I am looking like China where there is to look for it meihua plum and white once there is no flavor well at the time when I ordered this gel yanima so the ulcer here is these he and for husband is suitable for the back and for me
  • 02:03: good I plan to dilute from 3 make two hand creams one my any com balm for hands with Sea buckthorn with his ring 2187 I already did A review on this cream is just a discovery years like what a wonderful cream flavor awesome and sea ​​buckthorn work wonders here's my favorite cream verbena gel
  • 02:33: removes pigmentation on the hands and well that's how a protective cream works that is these are good men for men who fiddling with grease there drivers fitters that's who works in the garden first smear you put cream on your hands and practice this and dirty deeds and then all this dirt is easy to wash off easily anywhere in Generally no problem by hand
  • 03:05: disk Rome is hard to do here cream great and flavors that me too like these two here is my favorite yet there is a honey protection cream I love this grave very much from my series he bought a lot with honey cream time is called face cream and bodies but of course I will use the coat of arms for the body here did not even wait opened like this fire from this graham with
  • 03:38: mod he generally transform too you can conduct such an experiment network apply on one hand while others do not lubricate it with cream and hand on which you applied the cream she brightens the skin and instantly deal with and you will see which the result of u to probably gives the application this cream I was angry with you for the body there that it was the price of 169 rubles in the catalog from body cream i'm all here these mousse
  • 04:11: for body there is body oil here view this loss she is expensive and take her for what and here in the same post 69 powerful enough well by the way here on the last days here yesterday the day before yesterday I wanted to do on a drop should was in an acre disassembled my my efforts on
  • 04:41: facial skin care Arena Your Day and Night Cream now i'm going through aha-acids from me aha-acids using means a how finish this complex care will take here these creams for use The panorama serves as pleasant as I am very
  • 05:12: much attention is paid to how smell that is for me it has great value if the flavor is awesome then enjoy it twice doubles pleasure twice from use of funds for son land the strength here is such that they take all the time ultra clean green effort I needed a tony ordered as the previous one ended was a bonus action and if
  • 05:42: ordered for 299 rubles you can take here are such small probnichki this ultra in air conditioners there were four i I took all four I will try different but it is always always need always ends took shoe polish well, since it would simply need not to take the store
  • 06:12: take off because we got such days to shoe care napkins was action I took no longer one of microfiber universal they content for the kitchen and and articles up to 15. what sympathy so try out [music] hump stop
  • 06:44: nicer who use it for beautiful home, it is easy to wash and here so this kind of friend with the this side to board looks like this back side is a little different about him such charm microfiber required 2 napkin for glasses since i started using cosmetics slowly congratulate Fedorka nicer for me to shoot him
  • 07:14: sufism and the nicer have these glasses from novars phone just no divorce fast as required Here is such a big napkin forest trick here so for things that always need paint for hair it seemed networking beauty I take tone 61 already decided let go they want to let
  • 07:45: stop staining ordered this paint thought I have a dinar on the tip of a small if I don’t like to dye my hair I think it's not worth it or not I ask your advice how do you think should i painted continue painted 2 it is better to wait when grow their hair and already stay with with your hair color I took this one
  • 08:16: dishwashing detergent me very adorable I love washing facilities our dishes means a switched to those which they occupy very easily i need to soak my face the dishes stood still food had dried on them there is no match instantly based itself such means he is still very much at home I have this big bottle those hatch half pour this add water and
  • 08:46: then adding some more why this case I do not I like to use without breeding because that she is very street then you wash off on waltz on your plate not sumo her soapy and as well washed enough of this diluted means and washed off with water well because i love above the letter of diligence he is ordered this this is this
  • 09:16: these two ones this one for a ruble I purchased this one for the ruble according to the program will undermine the club and to this kremushek then this is it I bought it hacked down 04 means the road is changing and of those who brought here these show I bought three for the ruble according to the program riot here we have such a program
  • 09:48: and who wants to use cosmetics here such means cheaper to buy cheaper than the catalog those can register and not have them already cashback depending on how much Often they will be making orders from fifteen to twenty six percent there are also internal programs that not announced for registered users executive shares here in the 15th catalog and often she was
  • 10:20: promotion sale of clothes basic and this very good collection here we are not T-shirt from the base collection mostly natural materials This collection can be worn in the feast and in world if add for example china T-shirts handkerchief on the neck or ready development load and somehow beautify strap then you need to wear it on the way out and only at home is there in the light
  • 10:51: pens diver glasses such knitted eat eat those cotton something very there good quality, I can order here these things are 10 percent extra discounts if you take three fifteen percent there are additional discounts and you take
  • 11:23: four things more then extra discounts or 20 percent over 20 percent of which plus another 20 percent up to 40 percent discount on every but every thing and it is very budget is very profitable and promise they are very good comfort I did the same talking about not from natural materials and there was a wide range of many there people who also want to buy cheaper what woman doesn't want to save on
  • 11:55: such women then put your fingers up subscribe to the channel as well invite yourself to the team you can contact us by contact master and under the video to write and we ate with you will solve this question if you have any questions have any doubts you decide them and get started and with you was Elena is small until the next video to everyone
  • 12:26: bye Bye