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DIY Цветы в коробке с макаронами по Мастер Класс Марине DIY Гулоян Франция Париж  See details »

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  • 00:00: with roses of silk ribbons and there too
  • 00:31: candy in general, this box was so beautifully decorated, I decided to repeat too lumi get this I got just the gentlest of the same composition of living flowers and I took the pasta and I I think that this will be just a terrific gift will not be easy Candy flowers Put your own there efforts your soul it will be much nicer and more amazing
  • 01:01: that is, not in the usual format it will be presented so I offer you see how to do this you have Of course it's interesting let's start we need roses also from pasta cakes and which bought in a blender and the floor further we will need a box to be fold our composition further sponge floristic whether the so-called oasis
  • 01:34: bought it at a nearby flower shop and only a pair of scissors, and I also need to be it food wrap so i measure the size I will cut off the extra with a knife very easily sponge is cut I will need one bag of food for
  • 02:09: roses it was sold along with a bouquet and I I will dissolve it in water you need to mix well and you can lower the water at the oasis and do not push on the oasis we need it to be soaked evenly and ladies will take so much water how much he needs next I will remove unnecessary me the bars that remained
  • 02:40: turn the other side soaked like Once again, some water remains and I take food the film is wrapped the cubes I do not I wanted to completely cover the film at least you can do it completely the film will just be convenient for me so my put roses in the oasis because the stem is still quite thin and therefore I will have to try to
  • 03:13: to pierce and the film and the sponge itself so yes I am I measure the size of the bud to match with a lid so that the lid closes and everything starting himself interesting works registration here I am making a small pad for
  • 04:16: pasta so they do not fall into the depths the boxes and see you soon