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  • 00:00: today in our video we will look at how sew a cup of thread here we will slippers boots sew it and laugh and old sweater here I have done the limit such here Bubonchiki small tailoring will not take you have a lot of time and do not need much material we used leatherette fur old sweater used cardboard small and on
  • 00:32: stenochku and let's consider how such sew slippers for sewing such household slippers boots can be used twitter who you do not wear dermantin either skin by the way can this be taken from old boots if you don't wear too the top of all is always suitable fur fur can also take out the boots and of course the pattern I will use the pattern on which I already
  • 01:03: sewed and making them their slippers I circled the sole then made the insole on the sole but reduced by 7 millimeters and made a pattern like this and the fabric itself and now I will be on it come well here this nickname will be the top part will be a little change, we consider how do i do you can do the same most about your sneakers either now there is even an opportunity on the Internet
  • 01:33: find and print by your size this is all there too and so let's get started so here I have changed the very tracing so that this was already so undiscovered while closed type small such half boots and here we will have sock go here here is the place where our sole will be trimmed from dermantine here 5 .
  • 02:04: Here I cut out everything from a sweater two parts on one unit and two single parts cut out from fur now I will sew everything and let's start with what we need now download here in the middle of the sneaker seam I will do and the pastor nettop heels I will also make a seam noise I will do zigzag because here I will
  • 02:36: pull a little bit will pull up and so that the seam with us was so strong and durable so that I would not take it in three days thread 40 and sewn up so we do Shui I also did an increase and here here is one centimeter I forgot to say when stood in rastyuzhku the seams are all this part we do not need well here of course we try to combine drawing we put off the top take the lower part of the well, that I see
  • 03:09: made you show now we will do Now exactly the same way to get here seam on the heel that I have done here such a piece I found maybe there is a cloth here which is not pouring new it furniture fabric on one side it goes Type as dermantina something is covered and on the other hand it goes like fur so very fine i'm on this one to the side where the type of dermantine is
  • 03:40: mark the center in the middle so that the fur parts do not sew this will we have to go to the foot and here it is I walked we do not need it to be rough and layered so what am i doing here I put the mark here the way here is the world that I am I 'm going to look for him a little now so that he does not interfere with me like this
  • 04:11: equals to be hidden inside therefore, it is not itself I'm pruning now I attach so that my edge is centered connect the pins pins of course better with facial
  • 04:41: sides because here i am on the wrong side to the side I spend and they can not see where the center goes and fasten better of course with the face parties because there we will do the seam and so here we go to the very edges and front zigzag to stitch now do the same with I will try the second part right now.
  • 05:11: do it and no pins just me turn and look we have nothing shifted Now I fix the sale in a zigzag like to secure the edge itself and here you are take a turn like this See here what I combine two edges overlap and passing so we do every time we raise We look to our wings were combining so here we have a facial
  • 05:44: side here of course you watch so so that you have the edges here come to one level like this if you have something there millimeter inside to shift it's not scary do the same tack and now we cut thread and here here inside I'm still about here glue so here cut out flizelinom nonwoven strip and sizing exactly
  • 06:15: also do from this side right now you are only here so I do not metal I can see a little one edge okay 2 barely moving down but it's not scary that is like a big difference strongly there is no glue flizelin there already exuded the inside the front part will connect them together fur up this we will have an inner part we here put into this twisted on wrong side but in this way
  • 06:47: so that he and laughter and face were looked at each other together We distribute find the back of the center fasten with pin and center in front also fasten on the top pass either on the dead or immediately
  • 07:18: laying a seam and from here to here have it go all in a circular can pin all fasten and then pass Well, that is, here and so we connect the top part also zigzag and here here in these places where i have such an idiot rounding and turning I did two notches turn on the front side that is so now we will have to go inside
  • 07:48: fur am weapon knitted part and here we can take fur coats if you want to wear fur moved a little on the front side can make sure that he does not switch to front side it's not so important this it all depends on your desire and then
  • 08:18: slippers will be so now turn away this part and it will be seen further that I do i go through and connect everything along the bottom if you do and see here I am if roll do not put it on so that's exactly then I have the same length here if you will roll like this small then you will have this part longer then you will need let's say some centimeter here somewhere here here's a cut so look like you
  • 08:49: I'll do it this way will uchudil how to equate mih a little bit speak and everything is now my task is everything spread out flatten and here it is here Now I'm talking about me to you because I will sew on the sole so that these parts are the same for me their smetannye but this for convenience work on metal on bottom I take the sole and put it face down
  • 09:19: there is this here we will have lower part here below which will go to god I her to myself I turn sneakers, I twist the face side must be its price by two here I put the parties tags this is the center of the heel center us to combine the center with the center and here also
  • 09:55: very center with the center all now distribute everything on the sole all we squander and we will knock on bloody made two lines sewed two with you and laid with deracc zigzag surplus so here we cut off so that it is not large here such slices then turn out turned out like this now we need a insole for washing i
  • 10:28: I take a card from one side I pasted fabric such type terry pasted and and here with glue cobweb but it is temporary she still holding on now i take again fur will go from the other side and now I can Pastukhov I already cut one fabric impose fur and one line
  • 11:02: all this sew a point done have invested inside and sneakers boots already ready for this all hope the video was useful for you neck with pleasure bye everyone [music]