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THE MOST TASTY APPLE PIE) Apple pie.  See details »

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  • 00:00: friends if you are looking for a good reliable anesthetic then I want to recommend you oils scales it can be safely called salvation from different types of pain such as an arthritis gym injury pinching ah domestic injuries quick analgesia effect of which lasts for a day stiffness in muscles mobility of joints of oils improves scales acting only locally without affecting on internal organs unlike other anti-inflammatory painkillers drugs for oral administration
  • 00:31: ointment is quickly absorbed without leaving marks on the skin and affordable who is interested in a link to a more detailed I will leave the information below under this video well and we come back to me on the kitchen and today I will cook just incredibly delicious apple pie he It turns out very juicy and fragrant [music] we will start cooking the cake with dough for him we need flour eggs sugar milk vanillin baking powder sour cream and
  • 01:01: butter mix everything together Ingredients butter first need melt [music] Here is the consistency of the test should go out for the filling we need apples also i will use caramel I will leave a link to her detailed recipe
  • 01:31: below the video we also need sugar fat cream and on top for decorating almond petals the form I will use is square measuring 20 by 20 centimeters high 8 I have already baked out more than once so for now I do not cover the parchment paper because no sticks and very comfortable it I bought it, like many its ingredients pastry shops Cherkal hotel below the video leave there is a link there you will find petals Almond Pour half the dough into the mold
  • 02:02: and lay out the apples pour it all the second half of the dough and send bake in the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 40 minutes pie is ready to flavor crazy just smells really good now he has to cool down completely and the time we make cream with sugar [music] [music]
  • 02:33: cool cake grease generously caramel we put one half of the cream on top [music] the second half making decorations [music] additionally decorate with caramel
  • 03:07: sprinkle with petals give brew and you can try a combination of caramelly apples and cream aggregates and simply unforgettable taste I advise you to cook and try [music] goats as always was Catherine and
  • 03:43: channel cool loaf subscribe friends put the likes on the channel bell not to miss new video I traditionally wish you all a pleasant appetite of peace and good bye [music]