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  • 00:00: and here I have cherry I'll pour it for a lot more water capacity I will wash well I will tear off tails and I will remove pits and here I already have a cherry without pony without tail och tails in the pan and I fall asleep our cherry two kilograms of sugar cherry I had
  • 00:31: three kilos and now we will wait when the extra is completely juice and let's cook our jam and here's the jam I already avtovo as I said a mean when my cherry gave juice I put on fire brought to a boil and turned off literally the night was and the second once brought to a boil and turned off and
  • 01:04: now the third time you see she brought up boil and cook for 15 minutes all the foam already gone and i will close it jam is ready and now cherry I rolled I got 7 cherry jam jars half liter is three a kilo of cherry black peel pleasant appetite and good luck to you cook with pleasure please your close