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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, welcome to my channel! In a recent video, we made bows with very beautiful flowers. And judging by the amount of your work, flowers from the master class you like. Many have made them, therefore I would like to offer some more ideas and options for working with the same petals.
  • 00:30: And today we will do these lush volumetric flowers of double petals. Simple work convenient quick assembly method and excellent results! Flowers fasten on the rubber bands. In the infobox under this video you will find list of materials required for one flower. For work we need satin ribbons of different widths. A bit of rep tape to secure
  • 01:05: a basis from felt on an elastic band. The diameter of the base used is three centimeters. All work consists of two types of petals. For the flower do thirty-five double petals. Petals I make from satin ribbon 2 centimeters wide. For one petal take a length of 5 centimeters. In any convenient way we round the edges of the tape.
  • 01:56: Slices process lighter. Fold the petal. Tape fold the wrong side inside.
  • 02:45: Then fold half, pinch the tweezers. We lower the edges and clamp the fold, which is held together with a lighter. Petal ready. Next, make green leaves.
  • 03:59: For them I will use 2.5 cm wide satin ribbon and a piece of it 5 centimeters long. From the inside of the ribbon, we wrap the edges inside. Fold the triangle, then
  • 04:34: triangle fold half we clamp with tweezers and cut the tape. Cut the edge, cut along the entire length fasten with a lighter. We lower the edges downwards and make on each side
  • 05:09: three folds. Do the same thing from the other side. We cut the tip and fasten with a lighter
  • 05:44: The leaf is ready. Getting to the assembly. Petals overlap and glue them turning a little in my case, right, so that the glued the petals are rounded and not glued flat strip. Petals are glued together, this is a spiral.
  • 08:19: From which we immediately form a flower, starting with the last petal attached. The flower is ready,
  • 09:43: glue the leaves. The diameter of the finished flower is about 5-6 centimeters.
  • 10:18: It remains to secure the base of felt on an elastic band. and stick made flower!