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How to make a decorative tie the French kerchief with a loop for a blouse with a long sleeve  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] how to decorate very simple thing today's our topic because look before us very simple silk blouse style here under the neck on the tuck back small button with a small sleeve national team on the cuff quota so here little bit here at when the cuff is assembled kno buttons and it seems there is nothing like this but I now have to decorate it and why, and I started shooting this video because I very surprised how the girls came up do this when ordered
  • 00:30: the blouse asked this light one the flower was on the chest for that it was necessary drop and stayed there centimeters more than 35 cm piece of cloth just stayed on hand on the sleeves bought a new so she wanted a flower here and 35 centimeter left a little more. here is this flower svetlenky well then man wanted to be blonde more to face please do not write just that the chest is not it runs not on this mannequin but on another a woman is absolutely mature in her breasts
  • 01:00: not exactly live on the spot so but now I I do not want to say this I want to say about how can you decorate this blouse and you will be able to decorate not except that such a simple blouse but the simplest absolutely upstairs simple execution of the dress in front by me here is such a tie I do not understand how it is tied to me show width here right here it slightly bend 5 centimeters and manually sew it on like this tie and you here manually sew here
  • 01:31: loop formed fabric width that's fabric width 70 there with something centimeters fabric doubled width here here is 35 centimeters from it just cut out such a semicircle see yes here and so the width of the fabric was so here it is 35 centimeters now ready and all natural double here it is absolutely twisted you learn methane wife and here's such double detail I myself was very surprised so I show you but what I want
  • 02:01: say watch will wear a blouse and you see what it looks like well, not like this that's how you look now with this Chubby dress for 1 neck here it is here I am of his department and look what am I doing next here we have a loop only pull one little corner into the loop the rest of the scarf is all here here lies
  • 02:32: as some such collar see how beautiful yes you can even more here a little bow here Dad, look how beautiful it is can be a little more like this move him to the shoulder here see how Beautifully you see, yes, how beautiful it turns out you can transfer it at all
  • 03:02: so here on the shoulder and see how beautifully it turns out yes but you can all of it pull out in this loop in general here with This scarf is very large the number of options you see yes a You can do all the tie right here watch them
  • 03:37: this kickshaw he fold like that tidy up inside make format tie to trace here too so beautiful was drapery here Here in this place you see for correct pull the corners here look what a luxurious decoration you I showed it today I want rendering to the fact that if you have left some piece of cloth you don't know how spend it you can always do
  • 04:08: here is an ornament she is absolutely very looks weird when she is just like that to take it off and you saw several options how beautiful she is already looks on blouses like this the width of a loop fabric like that was here How much is the width of the fabric for the entire width of the fabric here 35 centimeters but is probably here's a little less here probably 30 centimeters that is here in this bottom parts, see 35 and here so 30 and 30 started shooting this circle and
  • 04:42: look how strange it turned out thing but how it looks gorgeous Blouse highly recommend this decoration I really liked it now I didn't even going to show you this blouse but I saw this one name a tie or a bow with a loop or as he called me, even it is not clear but now I decided to show you let diverse not like themselves every day to do these decorations if we have very very very simple thing simple such a blouse or was an umbrella or such as here or
  • 05:14: the dress is simple under the neck may well afford to do here is a bow just We were good with you Mikhailovna if you are alexey