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Серия уроков по моделированию одежды. Грамотная работа с базовой основой. Фигурные рельефы. Урок 12.  See details »

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  • 00:00: are you on the trendy practice channel recall that our video comes out every day continue to work with reliefs this our last theme today reliefs until in front of us here is a dress we all remember lecture Andrei Vladimir Safin when he offered figured reliefs that is here so by the middle of the reliefs narrow then expand a little bit down again like that narrow what I want to say Now I will show you the principle of such
  • 00:33: relief as such a relief in principle built well and you will build any relief and remember the sides gray nondescript gray nondescript middle can be bright dust attracts attention therefore Now with you we will start building a similar I have a relief base base extended from the beginning shoulder to the bottom of the dress to one hundred and five centimeters but that's about my length dresses and you take any of your length someone will be above the knee of the dress maybe 85
  • 01:05: 90 or 80 centimeters unimportant someone will be 110 too matter you take your length dresses in front of me is the basic basis here it is elongated thighs what I want I do not want to not on the back there were such narrow details she shelves these are huge wide I want side seam slightly to the side shelves but at least a centimeter at 2 what happens is what we have back extends and in front of a little bit for
  • 01:49: respected side seam this is something you can spend in any the place where you want absolutely anywhere absolutely on
  • 02:23: absolutely anywhere you move your side seam here with us waistline center front See if I draw a straight line.
  • 02:53: side seam but i'm right here a little well need to be removed because My bottom is less than up but I want there it is impossible to just such an even dress but I want to narrow it down on each side one and a half centimeters here is my thigh and here I am from the hip for you and a half centimeter shelf and back and now Now we will proceed directly to
  • 03:31: drawing reliefs back shelf but enough c equals shelf a little bit wider i'm not found the middle but it would still appeared some a little harmony start with the shelf We look at the lawsuit when you will do before you will and space your the sketch that you yourself make here is our sketch i and spray we first pencil
  • 04:01: draw a line to the waist but close here Here you are with me . but I could could right here to the middle of the lead relief but I do not want me so here before the start tuck up tuck middle now you are your own
  • 04:36: head tuck we go here from here now a little bit different round working on the line while it is us like but not so round and so she we went from the waist line
  • 05:08: Well, how many centimeters for 5 6 we go to the hips for expansion it will go so here so here so here so here so so here so to the hips see what I'm doing measuring this the distance I went a little bit wrong working on whether or not we like her
  • 05:44: it is already our creativity that she we should like here now see I measure this distance I have 15 16 and 5 here on hips 16 and 5 on two centimeters for the grave you now from the hips down to the laid line in view of she will not go from here like a shot glass it's called relief and we make ourselves
  • 06:14: a figure here too a little bit here so here one thing when you are told how it is need to do and quite another thing to take and do no no that's how it was better I see right on camera
  • 06:46: creativity here I drew about my relief now i'm drawing here I will take a little tuck as well Careful let me draw a line relief and then another draw with a dart that you saw her better than my line of relief here is my line of relief and here is the center of the front
  • 07:26: now see what I'm doing here you are mine . smoothly smoothly smoothly swimming on very smoothly we take away and you too will be in any figure in Anyone absolutely in any figure whether there is that's the way you can with the Lebanon
  • 07:57: Now tell you what to do if need to water more that is this one part it is clear that you have these points coincide now it seems to you that you are here this line from this line will be very difficult to connect but remember that here oblique and here oblique everything is very plastic on a common thread
  • 08:27: it would not succeed now it turns out that here it is now this is me now a little bit under shading is our seamstress which I just cut out here is mine you. I I have her shaded now my task 6 very difficult task exactly the same relief draw on my back is up to the middle of the relief here how much 11 here about like this until now
  • 08:57: take we'll open it here close now see take a pencil because maybe I'll cut it a hundred times measuring 17
  • 09:45: and here we have 16 we do not have a centimeter less take the line after all reminded each other like this 16 a little more and 2 centimeters for the grass see here this line as went to constrictions likewise this line will go on narrowing down Now I will draw a blue relief
  • 10:16: Andrey gave us here but ending darts Andrei Vladimirovich gave us a topic
  • 10:49: work hard brain work head always useful i'm drawing this one same straight tuck it just me so you see here is such a round so I drew these points checklists
  • 11:20: must match when we cut now we have these points should match and we now cut off here is our you. what to do if the You can still pour it here additionally just like that slightly concave tuck slightly such
  • 11:50: concave additionally you can build it so here is our concept that we have everything tuck should be straight and level vertical is of course a mistake if suddenly someone needs to pour a plate right there at us gray and not like that it is more noticeable to you to build like this tuck but this is just in case I need to pour a plate don't see anything now I make a sketch in front of us
  • 12:21: look can do here with us
  • 12:56: waist checkpoint can do checkpoint on thighs can here where are you. make a control point control point where to get our dart in smetannom the form but on this plot already no control point needed now see we cut out alas. Oh, what a smart figure the center of the chest
  • 13:34: I cut our tuck which we chest here I cut and here I am close the chest tuck close anyone raise her shoulders there with demands circumcision here here below It is more logical that we remove the shoulder here this angle usually needs to be removed now I
  • 14:06: cutting off the side seam look we have everything narrowed down with us and this the line went to narrowing and here are these side just went to narrow our dress super chic chic silhouette with us will be Here we have a relief waist line coincides with cargo waistline tuck coincide with control point also we have god for
  • 14:36: dinner back too we have laid of course such a figure is pronounced here
  • 15:20: here will be more than an hour show me for only to a pronounced figure no pronounced figure look the center of the front is angry or the seam doesn't matter side of the shelf someone here fit another please you here such a line will be here but I don't need a waist line
  • 15:50: matches the waist line Now if if did not go either Imagine which silhouette you showed u someone will be very much here here also he flips in the back like this here will take in the waist but I don’t need it here me in throwning and exactly pretty just a smart figure do not have to suffer waistline coincides with waistline here are the lines for narrowing and these are all
  • 16:23: Lenin and narrowing here is the waist line center front side lateral back center of the back again going back to our sketch is our sketch the sketch is one but the real details are perfect other showed you how to make figure relief and I think you look at the material and each of you there will immediately arise
  • 16:53: head dozens of reliefs Irina Mikhailovna one showed relief and they can make there a hundred i think everything is like bump into creativity as they start sew such a silhouette figure dress with curly reliefs because no occupation is no better than creativity I think we're finishing with reliefs while then still in the future back to this topic because more there will be reliefs that start from raglan sleeves from yoke but here on today a few lessons we
  • 17:25: dedicated relief I think now very many will take up this topic because the topic is very interesting Andrew Vladimir Sophie is genetic and we advised turned to her I think that on this for now we will finish our video reliefs video tutorials move on to the next topic on I say goodbye to you and wish everyone to be diverse not like themselves day by day all the best with you I was an arrow spider Mikhailovna and our whole team
  • 17:57: [music]