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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Today we will prepare royal cheesecake to take this flour lemon curd sugar eggs salt margarine soda melted Pour margarine proseim sugar flour Add salt juice lemon slices on Gasim soda hinder
  • 00:37: Spill the cup and Knead the dough here such consistency should have in a cup of dough Pour the egg divide sugar with chat
  • 01:10: add cheese and all is well peremeshaem form baking smazhem butter or margarine
  • 01:30: proportion of the recipe can be found at our website feast dot ru lay out a little more half of the dough is now aligned add cottage cheese weight well-aligned
  • 02:00: top with the remaining dough put ahead Preheat the oven to Degrees 180 190 40 minutes of our cheesecake ready to enjoy appetite