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The simplest inoculation - for bark (it will turn out at all)

The simplest inoculation - for bark (it will turn out at all)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends I'm glad you welcome to canal garden-garden and not only today we we will vaccinate for the bark this is the most first simple graft people like her very much which for the first time face grafting of trees and survival rate very high but here one condition less likely to cut inoculum
  • 00:31: latest moment because given only 20 seconds but someone if wants longer time get on my this work then can be omitted canopy glass water where one spoonful of sugar then up to 20 minutes you can work peacefully not fearing that it will oxidize Cuttings of cuttings
  • 01:02: we must take sleeping there are kidneys that are not woke up this now either it is necessary to cut or can be some people laid in the fall and in a cold place if now cuttings are cut then they put a in the bottom refrigerator part so that they continued to sleep why can not that were awoken cuttings because
  • 01:32: they will want food to open the kidneys food is not yet available because with the main branch yet is not present such close connection means cutting will take food at home and then your inoculation in general it does not work out so here are these nuances must be respected why this vaccination This is done when the person wants to radically change variety and this vaccine
  • 02:02: is done on rather thick sleeping that's how it is on the street cold I prepared this trunk where we will do this vaccination and you know what to me like this vaccine there is a tree to him 23 years old and if well from the level earth well, somewhere So not cut like you here
  • 02:34: this top grade and here to plant crayons you will have in a year fruit tree it means how we we begin to do this inoculation of the bark in the beginning we are here we grow a tree and we either branch or big branch then we must
  • 03:04: remove all twigs which are up to our vaccinations then we take the knife and will try very clean and smooth cut off the sawed part because it will be in loose wood retains moisture and then the fungus mushroom here as here
  • 03:34: mushroom tinder very quickly eats stone seed he is a pomegranate he is a little longer especially among stone fruit he loves peach, see we cleaned our the top side is This cut is now us we take from three parties notches where that centimeter 3
  • 04:07: can 4 here depends on how much you will do cuttings then we take and we will try here so as it is so I manage what was visible to you will try move the bark where the cut was made so I pushed back here cows to go there
  • 04:39: insert our shroud since I said me only 20 seconds so I do not I cut her right away cut so that invest in our inoculation this one cut means upper part does not take it very thin upper the part we are stamping cut exactly
  • 05:10: Well, somewhere in the sweep leave now I take one I will try if there is not one not it turns out because raw branch and very tightly cut but my a task cut angle and I look at once stuck
  • 05:40: our cut is coming heavy that's what it looks like first stalk on I again take but the scope of the stalk fingers and doing 2 cut the slant you know me all by one
  • 06:15: cutting in 20 seconds so I try hurry and one more why i did 3 here close it will be my southern side because on the southern the best rooted planting stock there you can see how warmly difficult to cut raw and
  • 06:50: afraid of 3 bore to not damage we already have a principle not left landing habitual rather well, well, it would seem like it's all here I am I insert 3 immediately So it is necessary to pro adhesion was
  • 07:22: very very strong therefore narrowed very dense and if see see I until then brought cut to prevent it our slice can be seen the slice went right up to Now that our and now between the bark and between this wood is located kombi this is
  • 07:53: slippery and substance that begins to intensify work to make kidneys and rootlets now good option for electrical tape only on the basis of rag I have it no, I love work and scotch since it has good survival rate
  • 08:23: but now look actually the best option here is this place
  • 08:53: garden in general , everyone gardener the garden war is there and he not expensive it take in the shops from garden orchard or let's say specialized somewhere where the seeds are so before you start doing inoculation you are still a jar garden get here we are with
  • 09:23: you were vaccinated but now the most the main thing is that our these cuttings are not we woke up close them with paper Our task and wrap and I, too using scotch he very well holds there and take it but here it's not how I do it
  • 10:00: newspaper a you can prepare in advance tight white package and put a package on found an inoculation through a couple of weeks you glance at here is our this one here masterpiece and look expand the paper and look at the wisley on our
  • 10:32: incisions and inserted cuttings such a white influx and this white flow says that cuttings ours then began can this paper remove and go already natural process development of these cuttings as a branch here I am to you now showed the most simple way inoculations this is the bark I love this method
  • 11:02: and do young trees from 1 2 inoculating this way I wish you every success in this difficult matter because vaccinate this is also necessary well perseverance because that the first time but who he knows how it turns out or not but I train with you all very good will bye