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  • 00:00: [music] hello it's not mate, I'm me today I will test an unusual way to spice up your dishes you know the stainless steel on here darkens way they told me the way i think that he only grandmothers could be born is that Such saucepans are best to shine direct corvalol the guys themselves are in short themselves in doubt right before your eyes I'll do it this is generally the first sixteen rubles
  • 00:30: worth my first wire in my life in general, you are not even in the first-aid kit so I I had to buy it now see if it really works just sponge corvalol is no longer a draw told me these are ways well try not I know maybe by chance it 's somehow It turned out at the grandmother at some now Shine such a smell well, it seems
  • 01:01: bad creature guys but i wanna say I will of course be a teacher that I have and by cleans clear this here brown and in principle, quickly look
  • 01:35: see so I specifically took this one pot but now try for more dark yes tell more will see inflicted on this try this method I just expected it to be like be cleaned at all impudent, that is, no blue
  • 02:07: my priests , this is my grandmother's way then even these blackouts even here I do not have a few pharmacy it is worth going to know machine gunners Mike Swift is Grandma's recipe
  • 02:40: for 16 rubles, I thought that I have at all will not take either I'll be very long with try this here is the most tanned place I burned such do not know it is formed know how that is, for example, yes, half of you something is water and here it overheats saucepan and i.e. this is not burning, drowning
  • 03:11: property roast darken here overheated 12 listen I don't know how you can see well really works realistically it works this is real i clean I can tell you that you see enough coins good firm does not have this company in this the firm had been fasting native
  • 03:44: which from how would they be in grant ru she quite expensive and does not guarantee that here these are the brown bloom and thanks children are taken and I would say that posts branded hyper already than this look it just was black, that's it, guys are uncomfortable for me
  • 04:15: put that world and i clean you i'll tell you what you have seen from under such look at the corner so korvalol I'm shocked I'll clean up all these things take the camera quietly in the camp but you have seen that it turns out quickly and I'll show you all already cleaned this one
  • 04:47: here is the full result you saw on your eyes it all works Corvalol taxis show you the magic result here who would tell me i wouldn't believe guys Look, this is just a pastor. where was the darkest but even simple means you can not clear here so I climbed a little bit with a knife to still clean but i believe that for
  • 05:18: such an unusual way this is perfect the result is how much I spent there was a full tube so now that the pharmacy can find so instead go to the hardware store it turns out you need to go to the pharmacy and cheap and angry and everything shines to everyone until tested I recommend myself not knowing what I'm saying I myself am not sonic I myself do not believe that I am you
  • 05:50: I say, but I recommend you try bye everyone [music]