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Первая Помощь При Инсульте. Как Спасти Жизнь?  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello look think always carry a change with you medical needle sterile it will save your life family and friends or just people who will need your help this help method came from china happened to a man stroke stroke him
  • 00:32: can't capillaries may burst and will be extensive extensive brain hemorrhage so your actions before the arrival of the ambulance very important they are so important that will save not only life but will give mobility quicker recovery man who has a stroke because the very first minutes are very important and so take a needle and make 10
  • 01:06: punctures on every finger special . no just 2 millimeters from nail phalanx pad here 1 2 3 4 so I even pierced myself a little if there is no blood here
  • 01:36: press down wait a bit blood on all ten fingers is facilitate and speed recovery later further so if the patient's mouth is skewed start doing Massage him too, they blush there when blood flows and then also needle very keen on the way
  • 02:07: show pierced needle in the center the nights to make about the tip is the same there there were droplets of blood skewed mouth may be corrected soon just fix and then you can call ambulance if i knew about this web technique saved his mother who died 91 year from a stroke in the morning happened in the evening its not it became and so I did not know what to do
  • 02:40: I had to touch her and suffered this helped me and my mouth was also skewed and it would help me and therefore friends let it seem that some this procedure is not very good but if it happens this with your dear dear man yes anything needs to be done and needs to be done so that he still lingers with you I was with you pleased you
  • 03:11: I am very sorry that my mother died she did not still enough on this i say goodbye to with you was Alexander Oleynikov until new meetings friends be healthy and live long