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Relief pattern with convex leaflets Knitting by spokes 282  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: [music] embossed pattern with no large convex leaves rapport loop pattern 4 in width and 12 rows of tall dialed number loops multiple of four + two loops + symmetry two edge loop pattern so
  • 00:32: It looks from the front side leaves resemble Embroidery And so on the wrong side of the first an edge number 3 shooting report Wrong one face knit report and 4 loops and repeat the required number of
  • 01:01: reports 3 purl face 1 in the end of the row after the last repeat Family 3 provyazyvaem 3 purl loop last loop bead provyazyvaem seamy loop second row knit like loops lie face
  • 01:33: loop provyazyvaem facial purl loop seamy third row number 1 as the knit purl 3
  • 02:06: 1, the front and repeat 3 purl 1 front We finish after the last row repeat three purl loops the symmetry of the fourth row as the provyazyvaem facial facial loops are loops
  • 02:33: purl purl fifth row purl 3 report by the following loop descend down to
  • 03:00: the very first loop right needle enter into this loop and pull the new loop We climb to number 1 above in the following pull another loop loop even rise to the number 1 above and We pull another loop itself a loop on the left spoke provyazyvaem
  • 03:31: seamy loop and then the left needle We pick up the first loop and elongated it's apply on all hinges on the right then picks up the next spoke an elongated loop, and again toss and another loop and repeat the report and 3
  • 04:03: purl loop descend from the following pulling down until the first loop a new loop We climb to number 1 above another loop and another number 1 above another very loop the loop on the left spoke provyazyvaem left purl spokes
  • 04:33: picks up first and stretched spread to the rest of the loop and following another 3 purl sixth series of the whole range of facial provyazyvaem loops
  • 05:14: seventh series of staggered knit before rapport 1 Wrong loop rapport 1 Wrong face 3 and reiterate
  • 05:30: rapport and purl in the front end 3 series after the last repeat for 1 facial symmetry 1 Wrong number 8 provyazyvaem both are loops facial facial purl purl [music]
  • 06:12: ninth series of knit as the number 7 to rapport 1 Wrong report facial 3 purl 1, front and repeat 3 purl finish number one
  • 06:35: facial 1 Wrong 10 number provyazyvaem both lie loop
  • 07:02: eleventh row in front of rapport 1 Wrong loop rapport We descend from the following loops until the first loop pulling a new loop We climb to the number one above another another 1 row above another loop very provyazyvaem loop and purl
  • 07:30: then toss loop 1 2 3 3 purl and repeat the rapport and 1 March 2
  • 08:02: loop itself provyazyvaem and toss 3 purl and end number
  • 08:50: Wrong twelfth number provyazyvaem facial loops
  • 09:14: provyazat report of 12 rows and more We continue to crochet 1 to 12 series