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  • 00:00: hi my dear needlewomen and today we will continue to knit pants and we start with one of the parts that is, we take any part of them from us look the same there were two arrows that is, this is ours front side on the wrong side of we are one arrow and now we will close the loop
  • 00:32: where are we going to insert then lightning so close on one side so close first five loops first removed the second was knotted and stretched in the usual way 123 4 and 5 5 loops closed the following loops
  • 01:03: we knit until the end of the series continue knit by pattern do not forget to knit arrows knit front and back purl row knotted a row back and forth the next row I think you know how close the hinges exactly so that there is no
  • 01:33: steps if not then watch the video the last loop on the wrong side we do not knit leave a thread in front of work so that there are no steps and close two more loops through the edge we stretch the first next we knit and stretch again so shut up yet two loops and continue to continue
  • 02:04: knit by pattern face loops and do not forget knit arrows knit row up the end we turn and from this side we do subtraction edge remove and close 12 so following
  • 02:42: knit without reductions knit a series to the end knit a number here we do not knit more in a straight line knit until the end of the series rows turn and close another through edgeband first so the next knit stretch and continue to knit
  • 03:15: no decrease knit the required length how many y there are three of us left minus I have 20 centimeters left centimeters knit minus 3 cm 3 a centimeter will go with us on the belt 20 minus 3 that is, I will need to knit 17 centimeters and already look at your calculations we knit in a straight line decrease no more doing so knit I have the remaining length of 16 centimeters
  • 03:48: It turned and almost half of the trousers at the we are ready to just bind belt we will postpone it with the eye and deal with the second part of the pants in the first soaps diminished by right side to 2 parts and then there are 2 betrothed we will close on the left therefore this series is knitting
  • 04:20: all the way to the end so completely we knit the whole row so knit and turned and close already on the wrong side where we have one arrow in the center that is look carefully and close also 5 loops 1 removed and close 5 loops by next 12
  • 04:50: and the fifth so 5 loops closed continue to knit to the end and back then there is this series knit knit reverse row
  • 05:22: knit and close two more loops 1 and 2 and that 7 loops closed completely this whole series knit turned it in our face and with face side
  • 05:53: close for the sake of and continue to knit don't forget this series completely knit arrows knit a row completely knit and turned
  • 06:23: wrong side goes to us here we are closed 7 loops and now let's start add and and you little help and so we will knit the first loop front rather edge hem loop knotted facial swap the next 2 loops shoot first ahead
  • 06:53: so and the second and the second back leave there is like that they were crossed and changed and we knit loops one and the second knit the edge 2 we knit two loops from the third loop 1
  • 07:26: and behind the back wall 2 total we got five loops with edge further fully knit the whole series here we are closed 4 loops and completely knit this row this is our front and we tie completely the whole series
  • 08:00: here at the end of the series we knit us left edge and two loops here this loop we knit purl this front and edge knit turned so next row edge knit facial
  • 08:30: next front 2 next change in some places also first forward and 2 backward attack changed them and knit them facial and facial
  • 09:02: we have 4 loops from edge of next loop we tie two 1 and 2 and continue to knit until the end of the row and back that is here we are no longer diminish ie knit completely row
  • 09:32: here and back so knit a row there and back and finish the series We should be on the spokes 4 loops and edge and 3 loops so the third here we knit purl 2 face and edging so knit and turn knit
  • 10:06: the next row edge knotted facial following 2 facial 3 facial of loops of the previous row just like here arrows from the loop of the previous row further already knit as usual facial
  • 10:39: loops and continue to knit a row back and forth and so on the front side at the end of the row we knit purl 2 face and edge filled up purl 2 face and edge
  • 11:13: turned it on our wrong side her we start edge knit facial loop to us the edge here is not stretched 2 facial and facial loop from the previous row, the remaining loops are already
  • 11:43: by facial pattern and continue to knit the required length that is up to the belt more we have nothing to add here We will not diminish ie knit on straight and so we docked the second leg and here is this strip it we to finish
  • 12:17: so it will be like this overlaid and close the zipper like this most of us are ready and left just tie up and everything else and we will deal with this in the next lesson so see you