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Супер Пирожки Воздушные, как Пух. Быстрое Дрожжевое Тесто для Пирожков  See details »

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  • 00:00: you see what turned out and dough tender just like fluff is just super try pies but how did david give you hello friends today I suggest make quick cakes yeast dough with green onions and egg [music] flour is desirable to take strong
  • 00:30: gluten content is not less twenty eight percent if gluten not specified guided by protein content is very desirable not below 10 start first take over the green wash the onions and and let it dry or dry and steam should being very good warm i heated it in microwave and just as well along with He warmed up and add a bowl to it yeast and at the same time turn in oven light bulb if you have one
  • 01:01: let three minutes stand add sugar well stir stir 6 diners spoons of flour from the total amount of flour in I already sifted in advance a brew of this test recipe shared with me my friend she turns out very delicious and peculiar magic wand when needed quickly cover with a bowl and another film would be better with a wet hot towel
  • 01:33: I'll make a couple of holes for the opara to breathe and put in the oven with the included light bulb or another and a warm place sometimes become a microwave and a glass next to hot water but the main thing is to create a small space and so there was warm and well if it's wet from during this time i I can handle finely chopped stuffing Onion filling can be absolutely any just drove some method amount of green onions I decided to do with it but if the stuffing complicated
  • 02:03: it is better to do it in advance because with dough everything pretty quickly no matter how strange I here for example boiled down eggs also finely cut eggs can be on the board can be cutter as convenient in a pan spreading butter lay out onions and warm up for a couple of minutes he will not settle I cut and white green part if you want a very delicate stuffing take only the green part of the bow heat turn on add eggs salt everything
  • 02:33: shuffle and stuffing ready to move on when becomes a pair beat an egg with salt is such a beautiful couple add an egg to it and now I will pour flour and knead the dough I will leave a spoon of flour for bedding
  • 03:03: [music] when the flour stirred I will pour oils [music] when all the oil prevented taking deferred I pour out a spoonful of flour on the table spread the dough and knead the input clean hands do not add flour anymore
  • 03:35: you need to try to do with a scraper or brush flour hands on kneading dough on the table was gone four minutes it's because while i'm I already embroidered oil good vymesila Now look to your hands it is no longer sticky and also look at the consistency ready dough you see what it is gentle and soft live I grease the table with vegetable
  • 04:06: I put the dough with oil and also a bit top lubricates we cover with film and leave for 15 minutes after time roll the dough into a harness before how to divide the dough settle on baking sheet parchment and divide by 15 16 parts [music] un guess flour I no longer use
  • 04:36: 100 grease residues of vegetable oils put the dough for 5 minutes and pies can sculpt form better take turns starting with the first form on your discretion in our city and network pastry shops there patties with green onions and egg has a triangular shape I like it I always try to put stuffing more though the kids are asking for more dough
  • 05:08: my distant Soviet childhood patties there was always a little filling and a lot test and when I achilas and could not wait for this stuffing so now when i make my own cakes I'm always doing the exact opposite here such a form is obtained and immediately spread on the contrary knead the cake I turn the round beautiful side down on the center spread stuffing mentally divide the circle into three parts
  • 05:38: raise the dough connect the children of one hand holding the other edge I gently turn here again knead the round cake turn over and and beautiful side down at the center spread the stuffing mentally divide the circle on this part I pull the dough by one hand girlfriend fasten end
  • 06:08: gently lift and shifting You can throw this way too it will be beautiful when the seam is very outside modern here and pies frankly telling them cramped here but I decided second stretch engaged because baked question is not always worse home 15 minutes to proof oven I turn on let it warms up to 190 degrees and myself while I smear cakes Well, here is someone who has the most fantasy
  • 06:38: Of course a beautiful option is obtained when we grease yolk see for yourself here of course there are enough eggs but me the yolk was lying around and I stirred it with a spoon of sour cream put them still not fully preheated oven and through seven-eight minutes reduce the temperature got not 10 here look what handsome men that on top of that below the oven they spent in a total of twenty three minutes for
  • 07:08: so that the top burned down the last five minutes I covered them with parchment put them on a plate cover a clean towel or cloth let cool and you can eat no more Wisdom Well, now you can see what they look like inside see what dough like that
  • 07:38: wonderful pies from fast yeast dough with green onions and egg I have succeeded and you will certainly cook a i wish you bon appetit thank you for watching if the video like it like comment comment share it with friends and I wish you success in all your endeavors to new meetings [music]
  • 08:10: [music]