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Большой пион из гофрированной бумаги

Большой пион из гофрированной бумаги  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello my dear and beloved viewers today i will show you how make coded help big and out [music] [applause] [music] for work we need corrugated paper number 584 4 rolls number 591 1 roll tape tape floral wire
  • 00:32: Well, seven or eight pieces by quantity leaf glue gun and glue whole material for creativity you can find in the world of handicraft is online store link below below video also need thread and scissors metal pipe with a diameter of 25 millimeters 3 meters tip from 5 liter plastic bottle we have it we cut it we need and need to the street to find a wand that would enter easy
  • 01:03: stand that is metalplastic pipe because on this basement wand we will form the bud caps we need to do this hole to go there stick our plan style [applause] all cut off about 2 parts of the cut any part
  • 02:12: strip we fold several times to conveniently cut sharpen the corners make them about the back we twist
  • 03:07: and now we post each one with not so easy twist [music] delay well we do four more
  • 03:45: such blanks of everything we should have here are five such bunches twisted middles and 2 more doing in the same way just do not twist a just doing open take a wand oils and start spinning but first you need to close the middle same so stick now glue to cover the wand
  • 04:27: the middle we have covered us ready and [music]
  • 05:09: glue inside this way glue inside happiness of this well disguise it is inconvenient stick so the petals are cut like these ones so it will be more convenient for us to stick Now we take the petals stick so
  • 05:40: to disguise our rush bottle a little disguise and here with on this side, we all glue them middle
  • 06:16: middle and start to glue on one the level is one mid and 5 by circle besides fixing it they
  • 06:51: take our Christmas tree and in this middle Paste here and got great beautiful middle know how she is keeps perfectly fixed very well and here we have this middle
  • 07:25: it from one roll we have 9 such pieces mother of them goes to the middle ace and now we have two more glue from the outside you can still for harvesting stick right here about the same level and can be cut
  • 07:59: if you are not comfortable you can cut here this way and stick me comfortable glue when not cut into petals so I cut not beauty is obtained neater here the main thing that was secured first row stuck
  • 08:29: [applause] that's all stuck throw all the fish here middle we have the next roll we cut it in half because to us petals will need 25 centimeters one half roll and cut out rectangles 5 centimeters wide here
  • 08:59: such a width of 5 and a length of 25 cm from the second half of the circle we cut after me winter road 10 centimeters wide 10 centimeters and so cut out all thats he's gone one you lava from one half 5 centimeters from the other half 10 centimeters take next hand this is the third well and also divide it in half cut folded in half yet
  • 09:35: times in half and into three parts toys we we divide by 20 centimeters approximately 12 parts of the section we got 20 centimeters on twenty five of two rolls we have 48 rectangles did everything now what we do of
  • 10:06: poland fold right under you can to it was more convenient to die [music] to uncover
  • 10:44: not 2 can [music] but we live very much [music] middle we take that hang [music] [music]
  • 11:27: and tonics small ticker turns core i5 do by [music] we do everything and starts to stick it
  • 12:15: these very ass and [music] [music] to make it more convenient
  • 13:01: set stood [music] first row of slabs or next glue the thinnest further the middle ones then got the widest glued all the Turks now begin to weave
  • 13:32: now also big [music] [music]
  • 14:13: still [music] will do in
  • 14:48: cut out a strip of about 10 centimeters [music] parts
  • 15:39: [music] it needs to be cut four rectangles
  • 16:59: 15 centimeters wide for 20 years cut two lanes plain i popov we get 4 20 20 rectangles out which doing four more interesting [music] what
  • 17:33: [music] [music] glue first big leaves why medium and small random order [music] [music]
  • 18:08: [music] we take a segment of green gopro size about 12 to 15 centimeters fold one edge to make him more stretched glue the edges and glue on the leg
  • 18:39: [music] but leaves cut out all the rectangles about 20 to 30 centimeters cut diagonally and make leaves [music]
  • 19:12: how to make faces I already showed previous videos but now short on [music] [music]
  • 19:44: [music] [music]
  • 20:36: [music]
  • 21:24: [music] [music] [music]
  • 22:01: [music] plastic pipe wrapped teyp the tape does not bend it the way we want insert the head of the flower and when help with this patch and attach leaves here we have a beautiful peony if you liked the master class
  • 22:32: Like write your comments ask questions every friday on my channel 1600 there is a new workshop see you dear friends all of you the very best with you was elena and botan bye