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Self-made not ubiavemy electro copper, for the wind-driven generator, a minimum of expenses. electrocopper - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Valery Volkov author assistant site today like new DeMarco thinking talk about homemade electro boiler it means construction this boiler as easy to that her manufacturing make every means did you understand everything here this video I mean you've become spent a lot filmed the video is very a lot but it's what I like
  • 00:31: to try on possible compression how to make more or less small film as well, this I will so all who interesting look video Well, who is not interesting We look at any advertising writing case who comments I liked the set up finger generally look the easiest elektrokotol which
  • 01:02: It comes to mind is I am working on the boiler principle army boiler remembers that the blade 2 isolated for a long time Basically matches here about the same I I decided to test how then it works I am taken here of ordinary jar of paint liter jar
  • 01:32: soldered to one terminal ordinary screwdriver here a piece cutting disc Now the bank I try to pour water there is a little more than polbanki poured so
  • 02:02: plunges us wonder electrode means well, as if for a more or less some security on the bank's measured indicator then to the bank filed 0 for all phase screwdriver it will measure
  • 02:33: is about a meter across power meter and monitor temperature and time in general somehow went initially measure our bad temperature it is seen that's 20 degrees Bank's 20 degrees so we include as
  • 03:06: including on the stopwatch run and the ways we power meter means look there 670 readings here here so look on
  • 03:37: Here is the three we minute 45 740 growth the temperature that we 61 degrees with the increase temperature increases consumption current
  • 04:08: have we here well, almost for 3 to 43 minutes at 45 76 missed here soon boils I have been heard kilowatt consumption but more than the bank already boil
  • 04:38: I heard the sound has changed Now ninety-six pairs went all probably need off this thing 80 82 83 degrees boiled couples went I went and knocked Machine since this is such a rusty
  • 05:10: Igor's pipes 80 here I am I picked up and snapped like this Here's another piece of here is a then the color of the one hand brewed swollen One and the same group at the end of the same brewed I made them a spoon drowned
  • 05:41: Now this is now the two pipes here now So quarrels as well actually here our test device I would have nothing It bothers ie all primitive and elementary and simple then here's welded like pieces of rock inside
  • 06:11: but I have certainly hurried driven teflon insulator why hurried holes here 6 millimeters as it will be difficult pour water itself so electrode's produced from ordinary wire rod welded ring metal Well, the top too insulator means the Here we electrode this pipe here I am
  • 06:43: it marked as long as it gets here and chalk fill with water well just to electrode was 3-4 immersed centimeter It is literally the is 200 300 grams water I will experiment used tap water well but as well as the fallen snow I decided to try here normal normal snow here melted and water will
  • 07:14: you can use say that this distilled water since she melted snow and that it will Let's see to somehow navigate here bottle diameter is approximately the diameter of the pipe well, so I think Now pour water bore I do not know this temple probably 300 stink because this case usually I use mains voltage
  • 07:44: as if in order to security means without tester It has not done either as I measured to here the central electrode means the case is not dealt with in the pipe Then connect and even off look voltage interesting day we
  • 08:16: somewhere piri piri joined underestimated like voltage 220 but for the experiment it will pass and indicator means well So I saw for myself the plaza but in this case, I have the right shape and so very here plug I have connected to I plugged it to here here phase was right and no other way Well, try it all
  • 08:46: now measure from yesterday today to us as usually unexpectedly Winter has come to this case Snow Maiden came up per night You seem a whole passionately lip tore Our crust until
  • 09:17: costs and we will deal where we are trying to try to turn Now this is our means Power will be here time on this matter here will temperature as well, in general measurements will make it here 17 degrees after here the temperature
  • 09:50: updated not know a second five so we look at it I was not the first inclusion as a kind that is what I already know that is, as long as water is not boils capacity will grow once the water It can be boiled decline and fall around somewhere 300 300 I want here to be there
  • 10:21: consumption here we look at the temperature Here, too, 24 degrees It grows on power increases of 38 degrees here It is already 55 degrees Well, that's 73 degrees
  • 10:54: so soon boils Turn it all in for us there in the park well it would be even put pressure gauge the memory of how much pressure but I think that those 300 100 grams of water in a pipe on a volume as there is probably 5 do not create atmospheres
  • 11:24: Pressure's 82 degrees about 62 to 20 degrees lying apparently boiled there because start power fall at all here 86 shows e.g. All this on the street pipe cooling
  • 11:54: apparently already there inside the park for heat pipe it took almost 24 minutes Here we see evidence It is this one the sensor's I Its low here pinned at the
  • 12:24: actually there is such a I have a temperature here here click here that's 63 degrees here 64 167 that is, as to how and but that's okay Here's the place here already 100 degrees Now look there but even 102 102 degrees that is, this is a pipe
  • 12:57: already the beginning of a evenly warm here already pretty hand 5 Well, that's hard to watch that's 62 degrees here now here and here yet cold one here compensated there is here 11 degrees quite actually put
  • 13:29: sensor exhibit at any particular temperature and it will be turned off and included maintaining the desired sample temperature run our like heater in the case from battery through homemade inverter in general, something like with night battery Two days we
  • 14:00: virtually no light, he certainly dead he lives dead but he you and how long enough so and enough thermometer too somehow dead shows he some in general, that is not gets well and try include something hard to see Well, that went to the set
  • 14:30: capacities I try to put it all to be seen measure temperature We will be using pyrometer means it took more than an hour not yet fully cool Now showing 17 degrees testimony so now we check
  • 15:05: Voltage oh so 174 wool consumption but tension here the battery is clearly Well, that's one hundred dead fifty four Volt all that is is on the battery less than 10 volts upside how much is enough for so suffice it They current consumption none amperes frequency
  • 15:36: because with power slowly grows on but this temperature and does not show Snow pyrometer laptop 26 27 ct
  • 16:11: a bouquet Rhodes on it all around
  • 16:46: Health luck and money to the new video while