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Radiator cover, main problems. Bought an automatic welding semiautomatic device, the announcement.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi to all motorists classic waters lovers of the vase in the classics but also judging by today 's today 's video car lovers uaz you teeth teeth teeth new family because Today we will consider here as you all see radiator cap listed a lot but
  • 00:31: and car on mean what the essence today's video comes up often The problem with weather such as Now I do not know how you have to 40 and in the shadows there is a problem with radiator caps for example dribble dribble lid radiator removed removed antifreeze set
  • 01:03: cover back start cover leak Well, the first thing to do I've already really shot this gasket rubber seal simply along with the gasket even take a look around integrity of the lid itself look here see here is this spring washer
  • 01:35: I somehow she burst burst with two sides here are cracks here palm or what kind of spring washer what I don't know, but it broke, that is meaning of installing this cover further incomprehensible because even presses let the gasket gasket worn with
  • 02:08: two sides with this one collar there she dresses but everything equals antifreeze when gets into this chamber the cold does not ooze when triggered this valve antifreeze we fall into this the camera and leaks it turns into these cracks and seeps out from under I will immediately cover inspect the filler cap because
  • 02:39: may think i will think on the cover a where there is a microcrack which also when heated when expands little we have a radiator and maybe this crack, too, to leave something soft what is the problem say buy a new cover and without problems but if anyone climbs on forums read reviews
  • 03:11: Now buy a new radiator cap is turns out to be a problem buy something not problem and and here choose the cover which works which will really work for us and not just serve as a stopper then this problem we cover it is not just two gaskets and springs it is with us it turns out the exhaust valve like this
  • 03:42: triggered it is with us here is small it is the inlet the valve there is a gap through which from the surge tank antifreeze is filled as needed fills the radiator means This spring should be set to specific pressure of about 0 5 1 the atmosphere that is created when
  • 04:16: temperature at operating temperature engine is created in the cooling system so why is this pressure this pressure we are created to increase boiling point of our cooling liquids but for example the water temperature rises there is a boil if she keep boiling at 100 in normal at normal atmospheric pressure at overpressure 0 5 1 atmosphere she
  • 04:47: somewhere will boil at 105 110 degrees antifreeze this and that above at 120 degrees will be boil that is to say we have this pressure system should be at normal work well and from this cover from this cover work cooling depends on us fluid i.e. extra squeezing and
  • 05:18: and relieve excess pressure discharge by the dispersion of the liquid in the tank broad and when cooling down under pressure this valve should work for us to fill the radiator means I personally faced with such cases when it's ok
  • 05:49: I have a tank when heated during long trips there in traffic jams all in excess antifreeze as it is dumped I have it in the expansion tank but with cooling down I open the hood look at me top pipe that goes to radiator flattened him flattened and he there is such a state while i'm
  • 06:23: I will not go again will not warm up the engine and well so would occupy your position or yes yes yes yes yes he is in such condition until i open radiator cap can be heard sucked the air that is in the system I turned out to be a vacuum for this serves us inlet valve which is in this the situation in the one that I was not telling
  • 06:56: worked and didn't let into the system not filled the system with coolant it is also well that is the wrong cover should work properly also when not positives here that here we have the valve it may happen all the trouble connections become like stone that is it creates a very large but in excess system pressure
  • 07:28: pressure where it is necessary escape she is looking for exit path and finds weak spots where y you there for example bad yoke not pursed yoke from there will whistle antifreeze if you have all good connections strong if you are okay tightness It may be that the radiator will flow if you have a bad radiator stove heat radiator stove ie dress code
  • 08:00: k speaks of a weak spot too it to anyone no need i.e. the cork should work clearly let's say something here generally cut pull this valve why is it needed with works for me, and so I must say that I do not consider such a question because I think you have already looked
  • 08:30: my videos you know that I love shot It was all as they say as the book writes so you can do it, but it will be there will be pressure in the system of conscience your car will warm up overheat Analysis I think that you can not need someone goes and ride and please you have no problems driving and but I already tried it as they say bore quite so
  • 09:04: what else about the cover means how check how to buy but I will say right away I don't know check well, I just can not compare this is a cap by the way factory cover car vaz 2107 of the year 2002 it seems the release year here is the cover so much
  • 09:35: time she left working she clearly everything cool worked all well take check spring force buy new the cover is also a finger check How accurately you will understand I can not just say I will recommend one bought new cap ride and look under the hood for a couple of days
  • 10:05: warmed up the car stopped lift hood look condition nipples try hand top nozzle in what state he is stone should not you should be able to clamp his hand well, not until the end but should he clench his hand in plain I will say if he was too much bloated brahmana will be noticeable that's all for example in a surge tank
  • 10:36: try tass it should be but hot not warm like an engine he heated hot it after already after how the car already warmed up for 90 degrees opened thermostat that is there must be circulation means after cooling open open the hood and look through the pipe top on top there everything is not visible should be oblate be your normal condition and
  • 11:08: we have a surge tank we can notice the level and follow the circulates whether the liquid should liquid that is well there will be visible to the eye when expanding with strong heat when heated should increase a little while cooling down should fall into place drop that is here these moments need to be traced if this is all
  • 11:42: works that is eat it is not it all in ok then the cover means it works for us fine if some point or nozzles swelled or when cooled flattened pipe it means that one of us does not work valves I twist it is desirable to probably carry back take another sellers will not be surprised I'll say one hundred percent well, everything
  • 12:12: seller may depend of course resist the seller but they know what the lid is now hard to pick up so I I think they will give you another cover like this Makarov so to speak pick up the covers new ones so well, in general, everything seems to be you tires told another tip but here it is if you watched that cover whole whole all right and just
  • 12:43: lets it ooze then words after heating here you can see these antennae clings to the radiator neck pliers and take a little and press it down the most we tighten when twisting we seal the lid more tightly she have cling to the neck but do not forget inspect the work surface
  • 13:15: necks in the place where it is where the cover adjacent to her here this rubber band sealing wipe dry hold your hand so there is no there bugs hillocks if anything to go with small sandpaper that is to bring this area to perfect condition so tight adjoined gum all over the plane
  • 13:46: it's a dream we won't trickle out us radiator and everything else so but I still want a small announcement make the next video here I bought Here is such an inverter semi-automatic two cases he is from him cable and cable and
  • 14:20: but welding by electrodes well, that's all me will show you in the next video or in the next video I will review this here Thank you for your attention to the semi-automatic machine subscribe to my channel communicate in VKontakte groups link to the group will be in the description of the video
  • 14:52: ask questions to everyone bye